What Was Your Favorite Homily About?


I’ve heard so many great homilies over the years. I can’t recall any one in particular that stands out for me. What message in a homily did you find most profound or inspiring?


Here's a full homily pretty much as it was delivered:

"Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Remember to tell someone that you love them."


My favorite homily – well, there are two.

  1. On prayer and falling in love with God!

  2. At a wedding the priest pointed to a very large crucifix and said this is perfect love. This is the love that a married couple must strive to emulate.


A few years ago, our "Parochial Victim" delivered an awesome respect life homily about all the ways that can be interpreted- from womb to the tomb. It was stirring; many still talk about that!


One of my favorites…


and this one


But there are so many to choose from of his! :slight_smile:


My absolute favorite was on the different parts (people) in the passion of Christ....and how we all have played different parts in our lives. Sometimes we are the indifferent crowd...sometimes we are those yelling "crucify him!"....and my favorite lines go something like this..."Simon of Cyrene wasn't even a Jew...did not want the cross..but he was forced to carry it for Jesus....we can be like Simon of Cyrene....with a cross that we do not want...would gladly give back if we could.....but when we look beside us we have company that walks with us and it is the Son of God".......


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