What Was Your First Album?

Mine was Big Bird Sings. I’ve still got it. :slight_smile:

“Meet the Beatles” - I was 11 years old, sent home sick from school. Riding home with my parents, my mom handed back to me this LP.
My brother and sisters and I played the daylights out of it! :dancing:

A.A. Allen. “God is a Killer!”

Chicago Transit Authority. Of course, the real CTA made them stop using that name so the group has been known as Chicago since.
I think their latest album is Chicago XLVIII.

Meet the Beatles. I went on to buy lots more often on whim. Like most of us, I bought an album because I liked a song on the radio and found after I bought the album that that was the only good song on it. Thank goodness for i-tunes.

Pink Floyd, The Wall

(Twice the pleasure in a “first album” by making it a double-album! :slight_smile: )

Aside from children’s records? Kansas “Two for the Show.” And it was a cassette.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, on one of those red 78s ( you kids don’t even know what I am talking about) that played on a children’s record player.

One of the Four Seasons albums, but I don’t remember specifically which one. About the same time, the Turtles Greatest Hits album.

First one I ever owned was a K-Tel album called “Night Tracks”. It had the song “Mr Roboto” on it, and because of that, Styx “Kilroy Was Here” was the first I bought with my own money.

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I cried and sobbed!!! I was about 10 years old. :blush:


:o The Partridge Family Album.

Sesame Street Live. Around the same time I added the Styx Pieces of Eight album to my collection. It was my brother’s album and he paid me 5 cents a month to keep it in my room so that my mom wouldn’t confiscate it from him.

I think it was Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” on vinyl LP when I was about 2 years old. It’s still one of my favorite albums.

The Partridge Family Album

I remember the 78’s. My first one was “Day After Day” by Goldfinger. I played it over and over and over again.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

And yes, I still have it. :slight_smile:

Paul Revere and The Raiders Greatest Hits.
I played the heck out of it and I still have it, complete with the bonus full color pictures of the band.


Dean Martin, “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime”.

I received that one on “picture” vinyl (meaning that Michael Jackson’s photo was imprinted on both sides of the album) for my 5th birthday. I was a very happy girl. :slight_smile:

The first one I bought on my own was Silverchair’s Frogstomp. But I grew up listening to parents’ records (Beatles, James Taylor, Miles Davis and the list goes on…).

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