What was your stumbling block in becoming a sister/nun?

Did you have any stumbling blocks when answering your call to become a sister/nun?

For me the two big ones were giving up marriage and leaving my family.

Marriage was much more attractive to me in a lot of ways. It took a lot of struggling with myself to come to accept that it wasn’t going to satisfy me and that I would be much happier following the Lord is what He was calling me to do.

Leaving my family was very difficult because I joined a convent that was a long way from home and my father had a progressive terminal illness.

I did have to come to realized that God had both my greater happiness and my family’s at heart. He loved my family more than I did and wouldn’t ask me to do something that was not for their greater good.

When you knew you were being called to become a nun, how did you know for certain that, that is what God was telling you to do? I am having struggles with trying to find out if I am being called to this vocation. Did it just come to you, and you knew it was God speaking to you? I want to have kids and be married, very much so, I feel passionate about it even. But, I dont know if I am to forget what I want, and become a nun. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your story Sr. Rose. It does make me feel a little better about my own discerning process. My father has many health problems and it makes me sad to think about leaving him but I know I must follow God’s will for me.

This link might be of interest for those thinking of becoming a nun.


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