What we can do to help people feel safe in the world?

Today we face dangers and threats not fully realized in the past. From the news we know that countries are continuing to build and seek out nuclear weapons. Terrorists are organizing to disrupt the way each of us live. And there are also some evil cults in the world, they draw massive attention of the press and media for their acute conflict with the authorities, and they make trouble to the peope’s life. People have lost their sense of security, some lost their jobs, and even their lives. As we face these new challenges, we must never forget what makes the society unsafe. We must understand that the world is only one place we can live in and it should be better for the present and future, we must break the national boundaries to unite in order to stop the unsafe factors such as evil cults, terrorism and so on. There is a saying in China: it is easy to break just on chopstick, but much more difficult to break a bunch of chopsticks, so everybody in the world must try our best to prevent the dangerous factors. I’m sure we will have a nice place to live in the world.:slight_smile:

This old world has never been a safe place. There has never been a time or a place when everyone has been “safe”…it’s just in this day and age we now know how unsafe it really is.

Safety is found by faith in the One who holds this world in His Hands. In the One who holds us in His Hands. I may not get through today alive should circumstances form which would conspire to end my life, but I choose to trust in the One who is Life itself.

In Hebrews chapter 11 we see that long litany of people of faith…Paul wrote, “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor height nor depth nor things to come nor any created thing shall be able to separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

We are in Good Hands…even though at times it doesn’t seem like we are…even though our circumstances tell us otherwise…even though the things around us are perilous…we as people of faith can live in peace “that passeth understanding”…we know Who is in control…that is what faith is…faith isn’t the absent of doubt…faith is trusting that we are in Good Hands.

If people want to be safe in the world, then they should do what the Cathecism of the Catholic Church (CCC) commands them, which is to embrace the Church, for outside the Church there is no salvation.

I found it immensely helpful to get rid of my television set! If people listen to the constant barrage of news proclaiming crisis after crisis, it is no wonder that they feel unsafe. I listen to our local Catholic radio station or classical music and what news I do receive I get from the local paper.

I pray for those who are in harm’s way and trust that God will put things right. The world has always been a dangerous place—look at the hazards and hardships that the Holy Family had to endure!

There is no sense in living in a continual state of panic over the next “crisis”. And we need to remember that this world is not our true home. Zelie Martin, the mother of St. Therese of Lisieux, said it well…“It is an absolute waste of time to try to find it (happiness) here.”

May God grant you peace.

Please, explain this one. You have no idea just how good you actually have it. One should never give that up in the name of “not being better than anyone else”. It is because of your personal security that you are able to help others who don’t. America breaks a national boundary once every 5 years. I’ll stick with that approach. We are not here to feel safe, we are here to serve, and sacrifice if we must.

It means that the poeple in the world must unite to fight the terrorists exit in the world, they gave the world a very unstable condition, did you hear in Xingjiang, China, there were 156 innocent people died, more than 1700 people injured, but there are some countris are still support them, is it a Double Standard in the fight against terrorism?

One very obvious step would be to prosecute all priests & religious who are credibly accused of paedophilia or rape, instead of making a mockery of law & morals & justice by entering into agreements that allow them to escape scot-free :mad: (as has happened in Ireland).

The only place for a paedophile or rapist bishop, brother, priest, or suchlike filth is behind bars in a prison, no matter how much the Vatican tries to obstruct justice :mad:

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