What websites do you frequent?


well cruising the forums does not leave a lot of time for other web activity, I do have a job and a house to keep up as well.
catholicexchange.com is my homepage at work and home
spiritdaily (news of the weird Catholic style, always good for a laugh)
tcrnews2.com for news roundup and commentary
quick look at zenit headlines, read stories of interest
3fatchicks for low-carb buddies
my blue cross supporte lifemasters, where I track blood sugar, bp, diabetes symptoms and diet and health info.
catholicity.com is first stop for any research I am doing or anything Catholic I am looking for, and site reviews

the rest are work related, like site for our textbook publisher which has all kinds of helps for catechists and CCD program.

there are several youth oriented sites I monitor for stuff of interest to our teens.

I do almost all purchasing on-line, as well as bill-paying and all account statements from investments are on line and info fed into quicken.

we don’t do anything in person or by mail that can be done on-line.





Try it. It’s a site about synchronized skating. You don’t know what synchronized skating is? Well, you need to visit this website! It’s the fastest-growing ice sport, and one Olympic official has said that it’s “the most beautiful sport.”


This is the official site of United States Figure Skating. **Try it–right now, you can vote on Reader’s Choice. Go there and vote for CHICAGO JAZZ!! Take my word for it–they deserve to win. Two World (Junior) medals in a row! Vote today! **


It’s a site for a really hot actor named Maximillian Martini. Hhe currently plays Mack Gerhardt on “The Unit,” and he’s a great family man. I actually like Robert Patrick better, but Robert Patrick doesn’t have a website anymore, so I go to Max’s site to get the Robert Patrick news. They’re both on “The Unit” and they’re buddies.

:thumbsup: Well I go to www.antiquehome.org,which has old house plans on line,etc.wwww.americanbungalow.com
www.taps.com,the forum for The Atlantic Paranormal Society,they are the guys who have the show Ghosthunters on the Sci -Fi Channel.
Phatmass,and this one of course.
Also www.chowhound.com,ezboards, and www.roadfood.com
Roadfood was started by Jan and Micheal Stern,authors on various books about food on the highways and byways of america.
And I just like surfing around.I go to Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com too.

CAF of course
CBS Sportsline
World Poker Tour
Yahoo Mail


Sites about

Tolkien’s books
*]glyphweb.com/ARDA[/LIST]Ancient history
*]hollywoodjesus.com[/LIST]Anti-Catholic sites
*]chick.com[/LIST]General Christian sites
*]cyberhymnal.com[/LIST]Reformed & other Protestant sites
*]anglican.org/[/LIST]Ancient Near Eastern
*]audio-bible.com/[/LIST]- & the standard Catholic ones :slight_smile: with a special mention for newmanreader.org

I like that one too.


I like those, plus this one. e-sword.net/

I also like usatoday.com/news/default.htm and espn.go.com/.

Been there, liked that

I also like usatoday.com/news/default.htm and espn.go.com/.

i get most of my news from drudgereport.com (homepage) and i check fark.com a few times a day for stranger news.

i usually check reddit.com once a day as well as


(yes, for all those who know Fark.com… i am a pretty well known farker. i have a secret identity there :wink:

I have a number of new pages (yahoo, drudge, Fox), the Weather Channel, some of my utilities, and finance sites, and, of course, CAF.

my wifes blog, and my website, as i work alot on it, www.brightlightsoftware.com


Those are my “regulars”:slight_smile:

I like that site. I also like this one. marthastewart.com/portal/site/mslo/menuitem.017db2225a7627b8510467a2b5900aa0/?vgnextoid=38f9cf380e1dd010VgnVCM1000005b09a00aRCRD&vgnextfmt=default

facebook, jpost.com,myspace,here,autoblog.com,motorcycle-usa.com,finance.google.com,wnd.com,newsmax.com,lifenews.com,foxnews.com,rottentomatoes.com,cnn.com,dpreview.com,cnet.com,crave.cnet. I’m sure there are many others.

For general discussions I go to the “Forums Forums” its a moderate sized discussion area, mostly men, so mostly “guy stuff” is discussed. I’ve started to add some CATHOLIC topics to this website, just my little way of doing some soft evangelazation on a non-Catholic site. This website has some bizarre topics and is the most popular internet site for Snowcat discussions, but covers politics, pets, tractors, cars etc. . . forumsforums.com/3_9/index.php?

I’m a science fiction fan, favorite show is FireFly and its companion movie Serenity. There are several discussion sites for that series, this is one I post on. . . fireflydvd.com/phpBB2/

For gun topics I primarily go to two sites. Family Friends & Firearms and the 1911 Forums.

I also go to my own blog a lot…if anyone’s interested the address is in my signature. Wink, wink


I like it!:thumbsup:

Thanks! I’m having a blast with it! :smiley:

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