What week of Christian Prayer LOTH are we in?


I am trying to get back into praying the LOTH Christian Prayer. I haven’t prayed it in several years and want to get back into it but I have forgotten much of what I have learnt. I understand that according to the Proper of Seasons we are in the Sixth Octave of Christmas for Dec 30th but the week in the Psalter I do not know… Can someone please tell me what week we are in for the Psalter?

Thanks and God bless


The short answer is that technically we’re not because of the Christmas Octave (according to my breviary at least). Follow the directions in the Proper of Seasons and you should get back on track soon enough.


divineoffice.org is a great source for this information.

For evening prayer today, for example, it not only gives you the full text online, but also gives you the pages for the print version, both one volume and four volume:

Ribbon Placement:
Liturgy of the Hours Vol. I:
Ordinary: 667
Proper of Seasons: 464
Psalms and Canticle as in Evening Prayer II of Christmas, 414

Christian Prayer:
Ordinary: 694
Proper of Seasons: 169
Psalms and canticle as in Evening Prayer II of Christmas, 147.


Currently, we’re still in the Octave of Christmas (8 straight days of Sunday Week I and the Song of the Three Children! :extrahappy:) After this Wednesday, though, we go back into Week I.




Technically we are in week I. Even though this is the Octave, the rubrics call for the psalmody from the current day for mid-day prayer, as days of the Octave are celebrated at the level of a feast, not solemnity. To pick that psalmody, it helps to know which week we’re in, and we’re currently in Week I and have been since Sunday.


The Octave of Christmas is always confusing, with so many Feasts falling in the same week, as well as the psalms and antiphons from Christmas being used much of the time. I often have to go to my St. Joseph Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours to make sure I am reading the rubrics correctly.


This is one of the times I am SO grateful for the divineoffice.org app. I just use my tablet, and no headaches. :wink:



I’ve never been a fan of octaves, too repetitive. Fortunately there are only two now (Christmas and Easter). Christmas is made more complicated because some feasts fall in the Octave, so we use the office for the feast for morning prayer and the psalms and antiphons of Christmas for Evening Prayer.

Fortunately one of the monks at the abbey I’m associated with always e-mails me the Ordo every season (they publish it on a seasonal, not annual, basis), so I have a pretty good notion of what’s up, liturgically.


I have some confusion with this, too. Divine office.org is a great help. I have finally figured out that this is Week 1; and next week will be Week 2. However, The Baptism of Our Lord begins Week 1 all over again and is the start of Ordinary Time.

If I have figured wrong, someone please post the right info. :slight_smile:


I love octaves! Morning Prayer for Sunday Week I (and Week III) is one of my favorite parts. I actually kinda like the Song of the Three Children, so I was excited when I saw it was Sunday Week I for 8 straight days. (It’s also fun because the setting Christian Prayer includes for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb has a nice slight bluegrass feel to it)



Psalter Week 1 for this week beginning Sunday 30 December - Saturday 4

We start the Psalter again from 1 in a couple of weeks, because Ordinary Time starts


Thanks for all of the responses I really appreciate them. Now, if God will only give me the patience to restart praying regularly the LOTH. :o

God bless


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