What were some of George Michael's more wholesome songs?


Can CAF members point such songs out for the benefit of those wanting to check out George’s music?


I don’t know if these are wholesome but… “Wake Me up before you go-go” and “Last Christmas”

I don’t think there is anything bad in those songs (they are the only George Michael songs that I know) Hope this helps!


“Wake Me Up Before You Go-go” implies fornication in the last verse (“It’s cold out there but it’s warm in bed”). Of course, you could simply pretend the singer is singing to a spouse.

“Faith” is a good song.


Oh I never realized that!-I don’t really listen to George Michael a lot


Club Tropicana


Careless Whispers.


Faith and Freedom each have one or two dodgy lines but the overall very strong message of both songs is a warning not to succumb to fleeting worldly temptations. Good message.


Club Tropicana drinks are free! :notes:.

All that’s missing is the sea, but don’t worry, you can suntan!!! :notes::notes:

Cringy video, though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Last Christmas is one of the dumbest songs ever written. It’s legitimately my least favorite things about the holiday season. It’s not even a Christmas song. You could replace the word “Christmas” with “Arbor Day” and not change the meaning of the song one whit.


He has two songs called Freedom.

The first one is the one with Wham: “do do do doo do do.

Then the other one is solo, “ Freedom! Freedom!”

In 1992 I saw him in concert, and was moved closer to the stage because empty seats near the stage needed to filled for the publicity shots.

At a certain point I was convinced he made eye contact with me.

It was a good concert. He was talented.


Careless Whisper is a beautifully composed melody.

The man was blessed with a powerful voice. His cover of “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime” is haunting


Does it really matter that we listen to wholesome music? It’s not a sin to listen to music that’s edgy or not adhering to catholic values



The OP asked for “more wholesome” music. Maybe they personally have a temptation problem.

I myself don’t get all inspired to run out and sin when I see an edgy George Michael video, but somebody else might have different triggers.

And (referring to Maxi’s other similar thread asking for Madonna song) there are a couple of Madonna songs that even I find kinda creepy in terms of subject matter. “Like a Prayer” is the worst one, it’s actually somewhat improved by the video where she is shown saving a man from unjust prosecution for murder, but if you just sit and listen to it, it’s on the same level as “Take me to Church”…sexual fantasies mixed up with religion. ugh.


Okay. I just didn’t want this to go into toxic trad territory where someone says rock and roll is a sin



I’m a rock n’ roll trad. If it’s not at least as old as grunge, it’s garbage.



GREAT cover. I saw Petra back in the 80’s, they closed the show with this.


I love George Michael, have since I was young. He’s my favorite singer. A few of his songs are questionable but also very human and very beautiful. One of my favorites is “Jesus to a Child” - so sweet, so sad. Anything from the “Make It Big” album, and most songs from the “Faith” album except “I Want Your Sex” are good. “Fastlove” has a horrible message, I’d stay away from that. “Freedom 90” is great so is “Spin the Wheel” which is about fidelity.


Sorry, I meant Freedom '90 (‘I won’t let you down, I will not give you up …’)


On George Michael’s 1987 solo album Faith, which song was the closest thing to a Wham! song?


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