What were the Lenten rules prior to Vatican II?

What were the pre-Vatican II requirements for Lenten fast and abstinence? Thanks for your help?

We can find those Lenten regulations in the 1917 Code of Canon Law.

Abstinence from meat was practiced on all Fridays throughout the year (canon 1252 § 1).

Ash Wednesday and all Fridays & Saturdays of Lent were fast days in addition to days of abstinence (canon 1252 § 2).

All the days of Lent, excluding Sundays, were considered days of fasting (canon 1252 § 3, 1252 § 4).

Fasting was considered to be only one full meal with a small amount of food in the morning and evening (canon 1051) and the Lenten regulations ceased at noon on Holy Saturday (canon 1252 § 4).

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