What were the old testament punishments for these crimes?

I am curious as to what the law was like during the times of the old testament.

For instance, how would someone be punished if they commit murder? If they commit rape or child molestation? If they commit petty theft? If they commit grand theft? If they commit treason?

In the Old testament there you will find many sins that were punishable by death or other heavy penances such as banishing a person from the community (like our excommunication). Thank God for His Mercy in that He took on our sins and died for us. Otherwise the OT law would still be carried out among us. What happened to Him I deserved. Mortal sin is called mortal for a reason.


The OT laws may have survived in isolated areas, but I seriously doubt that they would hold sway worldwide.

Murder: Death (usually by stoning, a very painful way to die of course)
Rape: in one unusual case, the rapist had to marry the victim and pay money to the victim’s father. However, the penalty was usually death.
Petty theft: amputated hand
Grand theft: hand amputated, thief forced to eat the hand.
Treason: Death

And of course, an eternity in hell! :thumbsup:

Hello Healinghands.

Where od you find in the OT the stuff about the amputation of the hand of the thief? and then being forced to eat it? By Jews? No. I don’t think so.


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