What will beacon our Lord to return?


What will beacon our Lord to return?


The end of time will be upon us, and God’s plan will be at its fruition…

We don’t know exactly what the final “push” will be, and it’s kind of pointless to speculate.

My guess, the world will be at a point where it basically can’t get any more evil. So… we’re probably not too far off >_>


No beacon. There is a set time and date. It will happen then.


Even though pointless you couldn’t resist. I would say the opposite when the world can’t get better, the Lord will call the game. Right now the good people are getting stronger and the weak go empty away.


Being pointless doesn’t make it not fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say that scripture disagrees with you. Jesus paints a pretty dire picture of the world right before His second coming, where believers are persecuted and evil runs rampant…


I approve of fun but we strive for joy.

That does not contradict. The good get better and the evil affects all who can’t resist.


Actually, I do hold to the belief that this world will not end until Christ’s prayer is answered.

On the night He was betrayed, He prayed for all of His flock to be one. We have also been told that Christ is coming for a glorious bride without spot or wrinkle.

The day I see the East/West schism healed, the day I see a massive influx of converts from Protestantism, when this bride begins to really shine, that is when I look to the clouds!

ETA I also believe there will be a huge conversion of the Muslim people.


We just can’t get ready we have to be ready.


OP, I have to say I assumed by ‘beacon’ you meant to write ‘beckon’, i.e. attract the Lord to come again. Then the penny dropped and you meant what will announce the Second Coming (or better, act as a sign, perhaps).

Or am I wrong?


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