What will happen during my confirmation?


I’m 15 years old. If all goes well, I’ll be confirmed in the Catholic Church in September. I was baptised as a Catholic, but wasn’t involved due to lack of immersion I only became involved recently, with the help of Catholic family members and, of course, God. :slight_smile: I don’t have too clear an idea of what happens during a confirmation, other than being annointed with the holy oil. Can someone tell me exactly what I’ll do?


After the homily, as a group you will renew your baptismal promises then you individually will go before the bishop who will anoint you with chrism on your forehead. When he ends the prayer of anointing you say “Amen” and then he will say “The Lord be with you” and shake your hand. YOu say “and also with you.” Then you go back to your seat and when all are finished the mass continues with the petitions and then the Liturgy of the EUcharist.


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