What will I do in my RCIA now that I am a cathecumen?


I had just undergone my Rite of Acceptance. What new activities or lessons should I expect from my RCIA? What about the CCC book? When will it be used?


You probably won’t see much of a difference. This is a time to continue learning what the Church teaches, to build your prayer life, and to join in the church community. The CCC is primarily a reference book. As questions arise you can check it to find answers. It’s possible that the instructors will refer you to the catechism as they discuss various topics.


Unfortunately, these questions can only be answered by the people who run the RCIA program for your parish, since there’s no standardized way classes must be done.


How was your RCIA experience during the cathecumen stage and how long?


Mine was very atypical; the entirety of my RCIA was less than 6 weeks.

What is normally done around here, though, is that the CCC is used throughout the full 8-ish months as a reference text rather than assigned reading, per se, although there might be assignments. Other parishes will do it differently. The Catechumenate itself doesn’t change things so much as just the calendar timeline itself does. Let’s say RCIA begins in September, and the Rite pf Acceptance is in November; nothing really changes with classes, etc. until January. There’s a shift from learning the generalities of who God is and the history of the Church and so on to the everyday living of being Catholic - the sacraments are explored one at a time, and for argument’s sake, if Easter is in April, there will be things that happen in March like retreats. Lent will be when we start dismissal during Mass, the Rite of Election, the scrutinies, and all the rest. Otherwise, it’s not a significant or noticeable change.

What is different as a catechumen is that you are in a recognized different status within the Church according to Canon Law. You can be afforded certain rights that non-Catholics typically aren’t granted except as “exceptions” under the law, such as a funeral Mass in the unfortunate event of death.


Congratulations! They next few weeks you will probably be talking about Advent. Check with your RCIA
director or priest as they may have an outline. As for the CCC, that is something you can purchase and read on your own. You will probably want to ask someone how to read the CCC (reference numbers).


Congrats! I just had my rite of welcoming this morning as well. My RCIA classes will pretty much continue as usual from here on out. It could be different in your parish, since there isn’t really a specific curriculum that has to be followed.


You might ask your RCIA Director for the most detailed answers to your questions. But you can be sure this will be a wonderful time for you when you will learn about Church teaching and Catholic practices and the rich tradition of Catholic prayer. Many Blessings to you on your journey!


Welcome to the Catholic Church!!


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