What will I feel when I am pregnant?


Hey yall! Just wondering what symptoms to watch out for if any. Is there any way to know before I miss my monthly? Will I feel anything right away? I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. This will be my first pregnancy and I cant wait! Thanks!


I wasn’t sick much at all…maybe you’ll be the same…

Let us know how your’e doing :slight_smile:


Ask your mom how she felt when she was pregnant…this is usually a good indicator. I puked everyday for 7 months…I knew I was pregnant because I was sick. Sometimes I get the stomache flu and think I’m pregnant. everybodies symptoms are different.


Usually the first few things for me is morning sickness :p, sore breasts, tiredness, and some cramping/achiness. I knew I was pg this time when I puked the first time :rolleyes:. So much fun to look forward to! :wink:


The only thing I noticed was I was more tired and moody… but… I also get that way with my period, ha!!


I had cramps when I was first pregnant with my son and thought that it was just my period getting ready to start. :slight_smile:


The one thing I noticed (and only retrospectively) was that I had to go to the bathroom ALL the time. It went away after a few weeks, but from my memory, I think it started about 5 days before I expected my period.



I was sick, morning, noon and night for 5 months.
Then, it “magically” went away.
Then I was just HUGE - but I felt terrific!

It’s different for everyone.


I have no experience to speak from yet personally, but the NFP book that we use says that if you do not have the usual drop in basal temparature that occurs right before your period, that can be an early indicator. Also, they make early pregnancy tests now that can sometimes tell you if you, if you use them within five days of when you expect to miss your period.


Before I ever even considered that I might be pregnant, I felt…


I’d come home from work, plop on the couch and not move. I remember telling my husband “I don’t know why I’m so tired, no matter how much sleep I get!”

But that stage passed quickly, then I went through about 2 months of morning sickness; and also when I got hungry, I was HUNGRY. Had to eat RIGHT NOW.

Then once that passed, all I felt was great all the time- happy, excited, glowing, the whole bit! (I was happy and excited even during the morning sickness- you can puke and be happy at the same time!) :smiley:


Well its amazing, hubby seems to think I might already be pregnant. I am sleeping 12 hours a day on the weekend, 6-7 during the week, and am still so exhausted, im nauseated, dont want to eat and am freezing all day when I live in the Houston area and am typically hot. I know these are the just my hormones regulating after coming off of the pill, but a small part of me really wants to hope I may be pregnant. But I know better. I have my first prenatal doctors appointment next week to get an exam, make sure the PCOS is under control to make sure I can get and stay pregnant and start some prenatal vitamins. SO its at least on track. I cant even begin to describe how excited I am and how amazed I am that when God tells you its time to have a baby, all the normal fears anyone would have is so minimized by the excitement and the desire to just get there already! Thanks for all the prayers yall! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sorry if I repeat - I haven’t read all the way though yet.

I didn’t feel tired or nausous until about 6 weeks gestational age. What I felt just about a week after conception (a week before missed period) was massive thrist and a faster heartbeat. I has switched allergy meds to a pregnancy safe one, so I thought that was it at first, but no, it stayed that way.


I had that experience too. I also cramped the day my period was due.


I was so tired that I couldn’t lift my arms for long. I would have to take breaks brushing my hair in the first weeks. It went away during the second trimester. I have only one child so I am excited to find out the differences in my own pregnancies.

I would say cold is probably not a sign of pregnancy, but I could be wrong. The basal body temp stays elevated during pregnancy. It is a great early indicator of pregnancy. 21 successive days of elevated temps is a free pregnancy test. By then though, most women have noted the missed period, and might want to test already. I wasn’t patient enough to wait that long.


This is my fourth pregnancy and with all of them the very first thing I noticed was breast tenderness. For me, it’s noticable very early because I know I’m pregnant before I’m a month along. The other things is being exhausted…I had to take a nap each day no matter how much rest I got at night.


You don’t want to know! :wink: But seriously, I get really tired before I even miss a period. It goes all downhill from there. Just wait til you find out when your mother, sisters, friends didn’t tell you! That said, it’s all worth it when you get that tiny one!!! After going through horrible morning sickness 8 times (only resulting in 6 living children) I’m willing to do it again! Just spent the week packing up the clothes that don’t fit the kids and transferring others into nice bins and I’m missing those little, tiny outfits! Good luck! I’ve been praying for you too!


I was really sick… so sick I thought I had food poisoning… but then it kept going even when a poisoned person would have gotten rid of all the poison by then. Then I announced it was a really bad stomach flu. Then I stopped being in denial and got a pregnancy test. :slight_smile:

But like bear06 just said… It’s all worth it. Plus maybe you will be one of the lucky ones that feels the BEST when pregnant! Congrats on your decesion to have a little one!


I can’t say I usually feel anything before my monthly is due.
I am trying too (not right this minute), I felt a teeny bit of deep-down nausea this week, and I’m thinking “Is this it?”.
I am talking like 2 days after ,ahem, marital relations have taken place.
Also I am becoming aware more acutely of my usual pre-menstral bloating, nausea, breast tenderness etc.


haha! same here, the slightest nausea and I get so excited. I keep hiccuping, have the breast tenderness and feel like I have tiny butterflies in my lower abdomen, and I start to think, is this it already??!! but It may just be PMS, I dont remember what PMS without the pill felt like so I dont know. :frowning: Thanks EVERYONE for the great advice and prayers, I sure do appreciate you all!


Hmmm well I knew I was pregnant immediately because I would have implantation bleeding or cramping… and then I watched my temperature rise above it’s “normal phase 3 rise”…

Then I proceeded to puke every day for 13 weeks. :rolleyes:

After that, you just feel fat and tired! :smiley:
Pregnancy’s so much fun! :wink:

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