What will Jesus look like?


What will Jesus look like when we get to Heaven? Will He have scars?


To sum it up in one word: Glorious

Will he have scars?.. I would think not since I don’t think he had the scars after his resurrection.


[quote=tkdnick]What will Jesus look like when we get to Heaven? Will He have scars?

Hi Tk. I believe in heaven Jesus body is glorified and made whole. Now when He come back to rule this earth He will have nail holes in His hands and His feet. That is the way He reappeared to Thomas. :confused: God Bless


I think He will have the Scars of the Passion and Crucifixtion. They will be the most beautiful things in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Since he took his flesh and blood from Mary, the answer is obvious…

He will look like his Mother.


Take a look at the Shroud of Turin!


If you read Acts chapter one, Jesus was bodily with his disciples. Forty days prior to that he was with them in the upper room. They not only saw him physically, but touched him as well. Jesus will look just like when the apostles last saw him before his Ascension to heaven.

                             Acts chapter one says that the apostles saw this SAME Jesus ascend into the clouds up into heaven. The angel said to the apostles, that when he returns he will return the same MANNER. How was that? Visibly and bodily.

                             So when we enter heaven we shall see a physical and visible Jesus, just like he was before he ascended to heaven.


Maybe I should have been more specific with my question. I was having a discussion with a coworker regarding what Jesus will look like in Heaven. We both agree that He will have a body and we will be able to see His physicality. Our discussion centered on whether or not Jesus would have scars He received from His crucifixion (I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong) or not.



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