What will my sponsor be doing?

What will he be doing at the Easter Vigil? Do sponsors stand with you at some point or say anything?

Praying especially hard for you! :smiley:

That’s good to know :slight_smile: Anything more specific though?

If you are to be baptized, they will stand there with you and make some promises. They will light your baptismal candle and hand it to you.

If you are to be confirmed, they will stand behind you, with a hand on your shoulder. They will tell your Priest what your Confirmation name is.

They will hand you tissues and sit beside you. They will cry (or I do :slight_smile: ) and they will give you a huge hug and raise a glass at the reception to celebrate!

You and your sponsor will be connected all through the Easter Vigil. Your sponsor will be sitting, standing, and kneeling with you. He or she will stand with you with a hand on your shoulder at various times. He or she will help you dress after your baptism, support you as you are confirmed, be close by as you receive your First Communion. And be praying and celebrating with you as this wonderful evening moves from one stage to the next.

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