What will my wife and I have to do about our marriage in the Catholic Church?

My wife and I were married seven years ago by a Baptist Preacher. We would like to join the Catholic Church ASAP. I was baptized in the Baptist Church, she has not been Baptized. We have two little girls (3yrs & 8mths) that I have been told will be baptized when we join. What all needs to happen for my family and marriage to be recognized in the Catholic Church and for my wife and I to be able to receive communion? Details would be very helpful and thank you for any help that you may be able to provide.

God Bless!

Because neither you nor your wife were Catholic at the time of your wedding, your marriage **is **recognized as valid by the Catholic Church (as long as there are no other previous marriages).

To become Catholic you and your wife would need to contact your local parish and join their RCIA program. Once you have started that process you can also have your children baptized. Once you have been received into the Church and your wife has received the sacraments of initiation you will be able to receive communion.

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