What will profane Sunday?


I know excessive drinking, gambling and dancing profanes Sunday. What other actions would profane the Lord’s Day? How about excessive reading and excessive watching of television?



…everything that we do either Sanctifies the Lord or profanes the Lord… conversely everything that we do or do not do profanes the Lord’s day…

  • If instead of attending Mass we take a detour to “xyz”

  • if we opt to work on Sunday instead of making it a day of rest (there are attenuating circumstances that your spiritual director can offer)

  • gambling and dancing–it depends upon what you mean, a lotto ticket or two? …regular dance without the sexual overtures? …it depends, just as: rushing out of Mass to hook up with a cigarette, drink, food, social event or skipping Sunday Mass–yeah, you’ve just desecrated/profaned Sunday

  • foul mouth, disrespect, slander–all bad but specially so on Sunday since you’ve just come out of the House of God and presented the world with such bad example

  • sneaking out of Mass early or being habitually late for Mass, or dropping in just to receive the Holy Eucharist, (I would even suspect habitually not receiving the Holy Eucharist)

Hope this helps!

Maran atha!



Cheering for the Baltimore Ravens, or whoever is playing against the Steelers, certainly applies. At least, IMHO… :wink:


If they were playing any other team other than the kc chiefs tonight, I would agree.

I would say deliberately skipping mass to go to a sporting event instead would be one way.


Good point – worshipping a sports team, instead of worshipping God, is a good example of something that’s a real problem these days…


Ugh! Even lectors wearing their team shirts… so I focus on the Tabernacle, and on Father.


Hi, PO!

…sad, isn’t it?

…Catholics are ashamed to be seen wearing a Crucifix, Scapulars, or a Blessed Medal… but they proudly brandish the icons of the world, even while Serving at the Altar of the Lord! :banghead::banghead::banghead:

Maran atha!



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