What will you do if God asked you to "give up all worldly things"?


I want to know what would you do if you heard God’s voice asked you to “give up all worldly things”? Just a sentence from God… what will be your next step ? to find a priest discuss about the real meaning? or will decern to enter a convent and be a Priest/ Nun ?

It happened to me… does it really mean God is calling me?

Thanks. :o


I’d go and get a second opinion. :cool:



Well maybe yes… especially if the call keeps coming back. It’s never easy to let go of thing we’re clinging to and step out into the unknown - fear (whether rational or not) is a very natural part of vocational discernment. Speaking to a priest about this would be a very good first step and you should ask yourself whether your own your possessions or whether they own you… It’s funny how we cling to things, afraid to let go, without ever really asking why they’re so important and, when we finally let go, more often than not we realise just how little they mattered in our lives.


Some will depend on how old I was when this occurred - - I’m 59 now so discerning a religious vocation could be difficult…But to answer your question…

  1. I would seek out the counsel of my priest. After all he is my earthly shepherd.
  2. I would look prayerfully at how much I am attached to “worldly things”.
  3. I would get rid of anything that was not essential (as God gives me the light to see this)
  4. I would be guided by my priest’s counsel and by God’s guidance through prayers.

Having said all this - I have to say that I am a weak person and what I might consider “essential”…well…This process would likely take some time…:blush::shrug:



If I heard a physical voice, I would question my sanity and perhaps see a doctor or seek counselling about it.

It may depend on whether this was a physical voice you heard (human male?) or if it was your “inner voice” speaking to you.


It is a physical voice coming to my ears. One night after my Rosary prayer asking for Mary’s protection, because I was sad that night. When I was nearly fallen asleep (in the mid of awake and asleep), I heard a female voice telling me “you should give up everything on this earth/world”… it shocked me and awoke me… the voice is very clear and warm.

And, I think that’s not my health problem as I never heard an un-existing voice or illusion, and im in good health…


Thanks for the reply. Yes its uneasy as I never think of becoming a sister/ nun.

And its because of my fear which stopped me from finding a priest. I tried to but they said I need to make an appointment with Priest as they are busy.

Actually I don’t have much possessions… but I fear of letting go of everything… it’s difficult


I think that is not uncommon - hearing a voice or seeing a ghost between being awake and asleep. I would put it down to being an auditory hallucination and not worry too much about it. Its just the workings of the mind being out of sync. The mind can play strange tricks on people in a semi conscious state.


Really? :eek: Then I should ignore this… ? :confused:
But I never experience any unusual things between being awake and asleep in my past…:eek: :blush:


I would try to spend time in prayer and meditation asking God to help me understand what He was asking me to do. I have had a similar experience of hearing one sentence in a bold way, not like a person talking in the room with me but a strong message that I know was from God. Take the message seriously but perhaps spend more time praying for the message to be expanded. I will pray for you also.


Keep watching, listening and open your heart.

As some have said, I would share this with your pastor, or someone you consider a mentor in the faith. What you are seeking is confirmation. I usually try to rely on the Holy Spirit in the means He gives us, which is prayer, our relationship and guidance from our pastor, and examining our conscience, remembering to keep it pure before God. Look around your life at the signs He may be giving. Be patient and seek His Confirmation. He will let you know in His way.


I would seek the advise of a sound spiritual director.

That said, I have found that giving up things is easy, very easy. But giving up ideas, desires or career goals, freedom, these are much more challenging. For example:

When my mother married my father she gave up her country, left her family behind, most of her traditions, etc.

As the primary care giver of many of my family members over the years I have given up many things: career goals, financial stability, ways of doing things to satisfy their desires and needs, the freedom to go and do what I want to do because of their needs. This is not a complaint, just the facts. There are many sacrifices caregivers make to assist others. This is true for parents for their children, friends who have friends that get hurt or sick, etc.

I mention this because sometimes people get so focused on the tangible things like a house or car or money and clothes, but seem to forget the less obvious: giving up time, comfort, traditions, family, safety, financial stability or even health, for the benefit of others. So my questions is: How well do you give these things up? Do you resist? Do you complain? Do you even know that is what is being asked of you?

I ask because these are the common things that can make us struggle against God’s will in favor of our own. Can you give up your will?


Speaking for myself, I would have to KNOW beyond all doubt that it was God speaking to me. If, under those conditions, God were to tell me to give up all worldly things, then I would give up all worldly things. But I’m not going to do it, just because I might get a little tingle when the concept crosses my mind. I have responsibilities, and in order to fulfill those responsibilities, there are certain worldly things that I need to maintain.

So – keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out on the floor.


We’re already told to give up all earthly things.

Colossians 3:2
Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.


Not setting one’s mind on earthly things is not the same as giving them up.

Do you have a job? A car? Furniture in your house? A checking account?


Thanks for the reply. So did you find out the message meaning? What did God want you to do?


I have sacrificed most of my time on prayer, blessed sacraments and volunteering of serving the weak and poor. I was once a Legion of Mary, and now SSVP member. I always feel God created me to help Him serving the poor and needy. :o Actually I always feel so loved by God and God is in me.

And I would put God’s will before my own will.


I will try to pray more on my vocations from now on. Hope I will have clear idea soon and know what He wants me to do.


Just now I have searched about the vocation discernment… and saw these words from the Saints.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola: “If a person thinks of embracing a secular life, he should ask and desire more evident signs that God calls him to a secular life, than if there were question of embracing the evangelical counsels; for Our Lord Himself has evidently exhorted us to embrace His counsels.”

Saint Teresa of the Andes: " We [religious] no longer belong to the world. Jesus has taken us from the world, that we may follow Him more closely, and He says to us; “If anyone would come after Me, let him take up his cross and follow Me.” And so, Sister, let’s walk after Him. Love demands this, since He has chosen us to make us entirely His own. And when the weight of the cross weighs us down, let us call upon Jesus to help us. …] We do not belong to the worldly spirit any longer, for Jesus has taken from us the spirit of the world in order to clothe us with His Divine Spirit. And what is that spirit…? The spirit of the Cross, the renunciation of our selfish impulses and demands of the flesh; the denial of our appetites and tastes, comforts, etc."

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