What will you leave behind?



I read this article today and it has me wondering … just like the author what would be written about me?


The tribute to Bert was very moving. I particularly like the sentence which read, …“Bert never met a person he couldn’t talk to, smile at, console, counsel or hug.”

The part that really moved me though was this one;

" A few days before his death his wife had wheeled him out of his room so he could look out the window. There was a woman who was sitting in a chair and she was crying. Without even thinking, his wife wheeled him up next to this woman and he laid his hand on her arm. He could barely talk, yet he said the words “pray with me”. Even on his death bed, he was ministering to people in need."

We could all stand to be more like him; possessing the humility to see others as better than ourselves, and through this humility, develop the willingness to help others.


I have had this same thought recently when I read our local paper. I live in an area where obituaries are not just for famous people and are not death notices that are so small you need to read with a magnifying glass. Here, ordinary people die and we can read all about where they were born, where they went to high school, who they married and where they were employed. And then the list begins that names all of their relatives, loved ones and even their pets. In some ways it seems a little odd to me.

I began to ask myself if that is what I want written about me when I die. Every once in a while, someone will write an obituary that really tells me what kind of person someone was in their heart and I will think “wow, if only I had known that person.” And I actually feel a loss for their family even though I did not know them.

It is certainly something to think about. If someone were to write something about you tomorrow, would they know you were Catholic? Would they know you were faith filled? Would they describe you by your pleasant, generous demeanor or would you merely be a list of statistics and loved ones?

For myself, I hope that God gives me many more years on earth to let me continue to get things right because if I were to die tonight I am not really sure there would be all that much to say.
God bless you all.


With all the pain Bert endured, he never lost his faith. I went to college and lost my faith. It didn’t take much for me to turn my back on God. However it took a heck of a lot to get me to come back. It really shouldn’t be this difficult.

I found this part gave me something to reflect on. It is moving.

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