What words are best to give to a newly married Catholic couple as a blessing?

Dear Catholic Answers Forums:

I am a Taiwanese. I have two baptized Taiwanese Catholic friends, one lady and one gentleman. They are going to get married in the Church (by the sacrament of matrimony). Please teach me, what words are best to give to them as a blessing in English?

Are you a priest? Strictly speaking, you can’t “bless” them unless you are.

If you’re not, perhaps you’re just asking for advice on some kind words that would sound appropriate in English?

What about this blessing?


Oh sorry for my wording!
What I mean is that I wish someone teach me some English words to write on a card attached to a present giving to the newly married Catholic couple!

For a card or a wedding toast

I wish you:
Patience in your partnership
Contentment in your careers
Forgiveness in your foibles
Tenderness in your trials
Love and longevity.

May God bless your marriage.

That’s very good. :slight_smile:


How about a simple “God bless you” and/or “Best wishes”?

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