What would be a good chain for medals?


I guess sugical grade chains would be best for sensitive necks. Does anyone know a good brand or place to buy good quality surgical grade chain?


Interesting. I did not know there was such a thing Now I must research…


I use silver, link chain, nothing too special. But you do want something that won’t wear out or rust so you do want to get a quality one. The eye part on mine is very lose because that’s where I connect my Crucifix and Miraculous Medal so next chain I get I’m looking for a better eye part


What is a surgical grade chain? I have never heard of that.


Oh, I think it’s a type of stainless steel . It won’t rust or tarnish.


Forgive me, since we are discussing pop music in another thread, but the Jesus and Mary chain…

OK, you can have your money back.


Jesus and Mary piece:wink:


I had a terrible reaction to the metal chain I used to wear on a camping trip one summer. Before that chain, I had broken at least two other metal chains over the years.

I now use a simple black cord for my crucifix and medals. Probably got it at Hobby Lobby (in their beading section) and even though it’s thin, it doesn’t show the slightest bit of wear after five years of use.


“Surgical” chain or “surgical” steel etc. normally means stainless steel. However, one has to test it against the skin, as a few have skin sensitivity to the nickel content in stainless steel. Mom’s skin would break out if she wore a stainless chain.

The most convenient way to test for stainless steel is with a magnet. Stainless is mildly magnetic - less so that regular (carbon) steel. If you don’t habitually carry a agnet, think of the magnetic clasp on many purses. They can be used to test for magnetism.

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I would say silver, and if possible not super thin. Simple but strong. You will have a chain forever and it won’t cause any allergy.
I have mine since school days and they are still in perfect condition.
A silver chain here isn ‘t necessarily expensive, there are all sorts,and price - benefit I would definitely recommend it .


I agree with buying a silver chain unless the medals are gold. Then I’d buy a gold chain. I think 10k or 14k is stronger than 18k gold, but 18k is purer gold than the other two and less likely to cause an allergic reaction.


Happy birthday @graciew :slightly_smiling_face:

There may be other considerations as well. The Husband’s sweat corrodes silver. No joke. His chain is 18K white gold.

My chain is stainless steel, though I don’t know if it’s surgical grade. I’ve never had a problem with it. I also got an eternity chain because every clasped chain I previously owned either came undone frequently or got caught in my hair. IIRC, I paid like US$3 for it.

The potential problem with stainless steel is the nickel content. Lots of people are sensitive to nickel.


My crucifix is from catholicstore.com and is sterling silver with a matching sterling silver chain. It has held up quite well for 3+ years now. I never take it off (including showers).


Thank you!!!


Where do you get an eternity chain? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. My necklaces clasps are always getting tangled in my hair, too.


Discount Catholic Store. They sell three lengths, all stainless steel. The longest is 30" and costs US$10.


Yes, I remember the brochures too.

“Regular or Ethyl ?”


I am allergic to everything except 14k gold - box changes are strong.


I might buy one someday. Thanks for the link!


I like to use a leather cord,

but call me crazy, you would not be far off. :slight_smile:

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