What would be most appropriate?


let’s say you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend in college and then want to meet their family but they’re from out of town.

would be the most appropriate living arrangement for the visit? would staying with his or her family be appropriate or find a hotel?

parents, would you allow this or is it imprudent?

what if the family invited you to vacation somewhere with them? would it be wrong to do that as well?

i’m not in this situation but a lot of people are so was just wondering


Yes it would be fine to stay with the family.


I can only relate this to all my college age children as they all brought boyfriends and girlfriends to meet us. Obviously, all the guests stayed in our guest room. A couple of serious ones went on vacation with us. We actually paid for their hotel room. It gave us a chance to really get to know them, as in: how respectful they were, their ideas of cleanliness, their beliefs, one on one evening discussions, etc. I think staying with the family is a great experience for everyone.; as long as everyone is comfortable with it.


Staying with the family is absolutely appropriate as long as the couple isn’t sharing a bedroom (obvious, I’m sure, but nobody else mentioned it).

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