What would Benedict XVI make of the synod's final report? He told us 30 years ago [CH-UK]

In 1985 Cardinal Ratzinger wrote a letter that eerily addresses the questions raised at the family synod


I wonder how often Pope Francis consults with Benedict XVI or if he does at all?:shrug:

I miss Pope Benedict. Thanks for the link to his previous statements on this subject.

""On the subject of the divorced and civilly remarried and their admission to the sacraments,

Cardinal Ratzinger explicitly RULES OUT the so-called Kasper proposal because it goes against

both doctrinal truth and canonical discipline and specifically warns against encouraging

ambiguity on this point:

“Catholics have been advised that after divorce and civil remarriage, they may in conscience

return to the Sacraments. Such a practice lacks foundation in the Church’s clear teaching

about the indissolubility of a sacramental marriage after consummation, and in sound

jurisprudence. A clear presentation, then, of the sacramentality and indissolubility of

Christian marriage should be made to all your people." "

WOW! Clear & easy to understand!:thumbsup: Thanks!
I pray that people read the entire article. It is amazing that this has been going on for so long… I read somewhere else that the Kasper proposal has been out there for decades…

I also miss Pope Benedict XVI :o I hope that he is doing well.



I am no expert in Church history but I thought Ratzinger more or less shut down the earlier version of the “Kasper proposal,” and with good reason. We are riding a bicycle backwards downhill here. It’s not helping anyone, those it is designed to help or the rest of us.

“…the opportunity to address new issues seems to have been lost in an confused rehash of questions that were settled 30 years ago. It’s hard to understand how the confusion has come about. One would expect memories to be longer in the Synod hall. It is especially odd to note that it was Donald, now Cardinal, Wuerl who was sent to Seattle with special responsibility see the letter’s instructions were carried out.”

Why do some in the Church continue to revisit this issue over and over
when it was clarified years ago by both JP II and by Pope Benedict ?

Somebody is out there beating on a dead horse.

On this subject, we haven’t seen what he is going to write, yet.

It might prove that the Thompson and Magister-Mickens “interpretations” aren’t true.

All Popes get some faits-accomplis foisted on them. This time, it was some procedural details and appointments.

Now add Francis’ instinct to get delegates to show themselves up in each others’ sight and our sight, if we are discerning enough.

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