What would come under (Idolatry) Elvis posters , statues from holiday , large family photo ? Any thoughts please

Just wondering… For example a huge family photo in a room but no crucifix.

The answer is No, for two reasons.

  1. We are not required to place a crucifix in every room;
  2. Family photographs are not idols that we worship.

Anything you prioritize before GOD is considered idolatry. If money is more important than GOD in your life, then money is your idol. Idolatry doesn’t necessarily have to be in a form of an image or a statue.

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Velvet Elvis paintings have a really fun kitsch appeal.

But they’re not idolatrous.


Back in the day of ancients, some would craft a likeness out of e.g., wood
… and then Worship it as a “real” (to them) god… That is Idolatry…


None of those things are idolatry.

Perhaps speak to your priest if you are confused about topics like this frequently.


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