What would disprove God's existence to you?



I found this same question in an atheist board and found it interesting so I am also posting it here.

So what evidence that we could find in the universe can you think of that would disprove the existence of God to you?


God Himself would have to come down from heaven and tell me that He does not exist.



That’s impossible to actually answer, but I will say that if I found out that the Church was created in a fraudulent manner (meaning that Christ didn’t exist, or did not do and say the things claimed, and that the Church was a hoax or invention) then I would be quite shaken.

Of course the opposite question is equally interesting…


When I die and there’s nothing there.:bigyikes:



For, if there were nothing, there might not be God.

But, there’s already somethng.


[quote=atsheeran]God Himself would have to come down from heaven and tell me that He does not exist.


Haha, I was going to say the exact same thing. Plus I’d have to wonder who’s been answering all my prayers, cause somebody is:hmmm:


If the Cubs win the World’s Series.


I cannot think of a thing that *could *disprove God’s existence to me!


If the Church ever reversed it’s teaching on contraception, I would lose my faith.


Nothing can disprove his existence, but what can make me feel like he doesnt exist are emotions. There is nothing like a healthy does of pain to bring on an unhealthy mindset of atheism. I’ll never lose my faith, but it sure does struggle when it bumps into that kinda stuff.


you can’t prove or disprove God

it is a matter of faith
you would want to reduce God to a geometry problem that can be done once and just assumed as a given from then on now do you?


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