What would happen if the Magesterium became heretical?


If the Pope began engaging in sexual immorality, and the Magesterium declared that this was fine (though they did not declare it infallibly), would the few church leaders who remain faithful to God’s truth on this subject be justified in starting a schism?

I’m definitely NOT saying this will happen. I’m just curious what the proceedure would be.


no. this already happened during the renaissance. I think it was Alexander, but regardless of his lifestyle, he never taught or promulgated heresy.

i dont think we have to worry about the pope, he is pretty orthodox!


I a pope or some bishops fell away from Church teaching, the Holy Spirit would correct the matter in some way. There would be another Augustine or Francis or some othermeans like a Universal Council.


Christ would intervene, as he always does.

Christ is not a liar. When he said he would always abide with the Church, he meant it.

The Old Testament should give plenty of examples that God remains with His people through all manner of trials and tribulations, and that this does not protect them from being scourged from time to time.


This is kinda like the questions that martial-artist instructors get all the time, “What if I’m walking down a dead-end alley with $20 bills hanging out of my coat and I’m attacked by 27 ninjas with Uzis? What do I do?” That’s an exaggerated example, but you get the idea. :slight_smile:


“Release the tiger, then eat the banana.”


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