What would happen?

What would happen if the God even deny the physical presence?

Spiritual God(s) vary from one to another.
Its definitions depend on individuals or groups of individuals (religious sects).
However, ones must realize the possibilities that the physical presence of the God is the Earth. All mysterious God-speakers can hear the God’s words. Meanwhile, nothing out of the natural rules happened. The nature of lives can be applied on the planet herself. In another word, the God is a higher level of lives.

What would happen if the God even deny the physical presence and force us to admit the empty claims as the God in the Holy Bible?

The God abuses the gifted power from birth to enforce own will on us. It distorted our cosmology and almost destroyed our civilizations. You see half of the world is in trouble water. At least 1.1 billion lack access to clean water supply (according to 2005 UN statistics) and 925 million in chronic hunger (malnutrition) in 2010. The desires of the God already trashed half of the world.
If the God admitted her physical presence much earlier, we can take precautions. The natural role of humankind as the life cycles of this planet reveals the truth that it may one day come to an end. We know that death is an inevitable cost for every living thing. Then we must take precaution. The desires of the God to be worshipped in various religions (not just Catholic) are pushing us to the blink of extinctions. Our planet remains backward. Many concepts are old thinking. Religions make us no different from native tribes. Truth is something you can see. We call the Earth (a planet) as our world. Maybe our world is too small. Evolution has given us a higher intelligence. It did not change our physical nature. This is a discovery, which combine all sorts of technology ranged from nano to the cosmo. Distances between each living planet keep our natural role. Every single planet is a “world” and all lives end with it.
People always joke on something they don’t know. That’s why we will find these jokes become discoveries latter. That’s why our world has progresses. There must be some pioneers to achieve them. The God should never turn the clock back violently (freedom of speeches). The physical presence of the God has given us a general idea on the nature of lives (as well as the whole universe). It defines the relationship between humankind and this planet. It adjusts our self-positioning in this universe.

What would happen if human beings deny the physical presence of the God?
We are natives. Sitting inside the well and looking up the sky… without realizing our natural role as the life cycles of this planet. Our ignorance to the truth will only speed up the aging of this planet. Although death is an inevitable cost and an ultimate end for everything, we can slow it down. At least we understand the nature of lives. The hierarchy of lives shows us how the power of the God works. **No eyewitness is reported because we are a part of it. **The natural role of the God is a mother cell and the manipulator (the thinking region is correspondent to the cell nucleus). Neuroscience has given us a new way to understand the nature of lives. **From microscopic scale (the basic unit of lives – a cell) to the whole planet, the similarities in their structures have exposed the physical presence of the God. **The God and all of us are indivisible (interconnected) because we were both born to be. The power of the God is the gifted power from birth. The mortality of this subject remains doubted. The God may have done so many things wrong, but the invisibilities make us unnoticed. The God manipulates our world by changing our perceptions over matter, and creates so-called destinies by the all-knowing ability.

If the God continue to deny her physical presence, this planet (our world) is only a tragedy.


Death is the inevitable result of the law of entropy. What people believe has very little to do with it.

What makes you so sure that GOD is female?

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand what you are saying. I know you are translating this from another language but there are parts that are hard for me to piece together.

Are these the main points?

*The religious people of the world have caused more harm than good by arguing with each other over God and religion and it has only made the world worse.

*God exists not as a higher being to be worshiped and worked for but as the natural processes of life.

*God makes errors but as we are essentially dots of paint and unable to see the mistakes because we are not observers of the painting.

I don’t know if this is a correct or incorrect inference to what you are saying or not. Please tell me.

It doesn’t matter the God is female or male.
What really matter is “What he/she/it has done?”.

Which part of the Earth do you come from?

The main point is that the concepts of the God in all religions are heritages. The natural role of human beings is the life cycles of this planet. In another word, we are only a part of the biosphere. The life cycle will end eventually. **The desires of the God to preserve religions are destroying our only hope to survive. **We have to get the public clear of our natural role in order to slow down the aging of this planet.

Gender & Languages cannot divide us.
The world (the Earth) is no longer segments.

Teru Wong

I’m from Louisiana. I wasn’t trying to slight you, I was just trying to see if I uderstood at least some of what your saying. It’s a very big concept.

What does this mean? I can’t understand it. Thanks.

I am not going to be as polite, charitable, nor tolerant as the other posters here have so admirably displayed themselves to be. I am going to state, point blank, that for someone to post such anti-Catholic codswallop is rediculous and laughable. I have underlined the worst of this posters offensive remarks. Someone who was a half way decent Catholic would know that part of the Bible and the Catechism which says we are to be good stewards over Creation. If people abuse that stewardship, then it is because they are turning away from what God, the only one true, God the Father, has told them. This poster is advocating a polytheistic, gaia type philosophy, wrapped up in anti traditional religion diatribe. This poster wrote *“T[FONT=Arial][size=2]he natural role of the God is a mother cell and the manipulator.” [/size][/FONT]*Just this one line implies a belief in determinism and the absence of total free will in mankind, and a God who either deliberately, mischievously interferes, or a God who didn’t quite get Creation right in the first place and who needs to tweak it every now and then to keep it stable! What this poster fails to understand, that is assuming they’ve even heard of it, is that there is a Natural Law, underpinning all of Creation, given by God. It is when humanity flouts, or ignores, this Natural Law that humanity and the planet itself, considering the weight of numbers, runs into trouble. The poster needs to read the Cathechism, which is itself a repository of the Natural Law and understand that a disregard for this morality is the root cause of much of humankind’s real problems and his own confusion.

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