What would I call this event?


A few years ago I was laying in my bed praying. It had been an interesting day and already I was feeling a certain closeness to God. But something different that night happened.

As soon as I turned my prayer attention to Mary in prayer (just a few words in), I felt something I cannot now adequately describe. It was like something reached into my chest and grabbed my heart, while at the same time striking it with lighting. I felt as if I was being pulled up by my heart and remained in this feeling, which was amazingly intense for a period of time that I can’t really determine, though I don’t think it was long. After a while, the feeling subsided, but I wasn’t normal. I felt incredibly happy. I kept repeating how much I loved God over and over again, and for the first time in my life, the feeling of love was so genuine it felt like I had never been in love with Him or anyone else really before. For upwards of three days I felt such an intense happiness that I could hardly stop smiling. Eventually the feeling of intense love, passion really, for God subsided…and since then I have wondered what it was that happened.

I’m not exactly the best catholic, in fact I am a terrible one sometimes, and my prayer life cannot be said to be too great by any means. So…what was this?


I’d say this was a grace to encourage you to love God more :slight_smile: if you feel that you were “unworthy” of this grace… don’t worry, God doesn’t really look at that, - many times He blessed me in ways just to encourage me because He knows how weak I can be. :wink: perhaps if I were stronger, I wouldn’t need such consolations!

btw, that is wonderful that it came through Mary :slight_smile: could be a sign from her too. God bless


I’d call it a faith experience. God was inviting you to a closer relationship with Him. Even though this happened a few years ago, it’s not too late to respond to this invitiation with a resounding YES! Receive the sacraments regularly, work on your prayer life, direct all your life’s activities for the glory of God.


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