What would it take for you to believe in God?

This question is mainly aimed at those who are agnostic or atheistic in their beliefs.
Also, if you are a believer, what do you think it would take for people who do not believe in God to accept God as a reality in their lives?

I’m a believer but I wanted to participate. I chose the last option because I fervently hope that that is offered to all of us. :crossrc: However, maybe you could make it a multiple choice poll? You know, where you can choose more than one option? However, this is an interesting and valuable thread! :slight_smile:

I asked my agnostic, weekly-mass-attending husband this question. His response:

“Clear and convincing evidence of God’s existence.”

I used to be an atheist with very negative perceptions of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, and what changed me was experiencing love in new ways. My whole attitude toward Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, changed when I attended a Mass on my campus a little over three years ago now. I mainly went out of that cradle-Catholic guilt sense when a Catholic friend of mine invited me, but I am so glad that I went. The priest was wonderful (his homily was a perfect blend of humor and serious advice that made even hard-headed/hearted me want to re-evaluate my life) and he just gave off this aura of love and peace. I listened to him talk for a couple of minutes, and I wanted that sense of peace and love that he gave off, and his homily was filled with ways that I could learn to get some of that sense of peace and love.

Also, it really made a difference for me, when at the end of the Mass, he made it clear to all of us freshmen that he would always make time to meet with us if we had a problem we wanted to talk to him about. I think, intellectually, I always knew that you could approach a priest about problems, but it had never been offered to me like that before as an option.

Then, all the people I met at the dinner afterwards were really wonderful and friendly people. These were exactly the kind of people that I wanted to hang out with and be like. So, it was the love and peace that they drew from their religion that made me want to believe more than any intellectual argument or any grand miracle that changed my heart and then my mind. I’m the sort of person who just needed proof that really believing in Christ would make me a happier, better person, and I got that proof when I experienced love from people I went into Mass with every intention of disliking/not wanting to see again.That’s just my experience, though, and I think that atheists and agnostics would require all sorts of different experiences to begin believing in Christ.

Everyone is different, so God uses all different methods to reach each one. I heard an inner voice, more than once. A friend contemplating suicide saw a vision of Christ floating above the cliff he was going to jump off (admittedly, he was on drugs at the time, but it was still effective). Others see words in the Bible jump out at them or shine. I think He makes Himself known to people who are seeking Truth, or God, or a similar concept.

It takes faith. For me faith in a Creator.

Only God can make you a believer. However, it is your choice to accept or reject Him.

[BIBLEDRB]Romans 5:1-15[/BIBLEDRB]


Dear One,

Beautifully said. My father passed away in a state of anxiousness. Eight years later, by her side, I witnessed my mother, suffer prior to her death, like no one should have to suffer. However, I also watched in wonder, as she resolved every issue within her life, to pass away filled with resolve, love and peace. Complete Solace.

I simply wanted what my mom had experienced, during my own lifetime, as opposed to waiting until death approached. I began searching and was blessed. I am no longer lost. Was blind but now I see.

There are no aetheists in foxholes.

Blessings - Chochy

Your mention of your fathers anxiousness before death touched me…I will pray for his soul (as well as your mothers). I am glad you found your way “home”! :thumbsup:

Add my prayers as well. Anxiousness before death… this is something I feared until I truly found the Catholic Church. I was always a cradle-catholic, but I “graduated” into being an independent Catholic when I started taking charge of my religious life on my own. I am so joyful and filled with life nowadays as a result.

I believe in God with my whole heart and soul. But I think I figured out what it would take.

Its US. When they see us living our life and being true, genuine, and truly practicing what we preach, that is what I think it takes to have people WANT GOD in their lives. Seeing our Joy, even when life isn’t truly dealing us a very good hand.

To take the cards and play them the best we can. And when we fail. thank God for his love and support to help us find the good out of lousy things. And to continue to carry our cross and praise God.

:thumbsup: God bless!!

There’s the sovereignty of God, and the responsibility of men. God invites you to be part of Him, but it is still your choice. The Pharisees denied God. It was their choice.

Thanks for the compliment, but I just wrote what the Holy Spirit told me to:)

Your mother’s experience is very moving. I pray that we all will be able to pass away filled with that sense of peace and love you mentioned.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful posts. We still haven’t heard from someone who is agnostic or atheistic. I would like to hear a diversity of thoughts, but thanks to everyone who posted so far.

Dear Ones,

I am eternally grateful for your prayers. My relationship with both of my parents has continued since they passed away. It wasn’t always like this. You see, when my father died on March 26, 1987, I did not know God, and the sense of loss almost destroyed me. I just didn’t believe I would ever see my father again.

Shortly after my mother died, I had an experience that will take my breath away for the rest of my life. There was an issue deep in my heart, that I wished I could discuss with her. One morning, I experienced a visit with my mother. It wasn’t a dream, it was a visit. Without words, my mother conveyed that the thoughts I was holding onto, were of this world, and not important in her world. Although I didn’t need it, I was given even more evidence that her soul was at peace. That very day, I began praying for my father’s soul.

I believe that God is love, and I know He comes to me during difficult times. My mother’s spirit also comes to me when I am in need of encouragment and comfort, (and in times of great joy), but I’ve always thought that it’s just God, using the memory of my mother to reach out to me. It really doesn’t matter, how it works. It only matters that it happens.

I bring it up though, because during this past year, my father’s spirit has been constantly with me. It’s like my mom is on a holiday. These amazing experiences make me trust that my father’s soul has finally arrived at a much better place. It gives me such hope.

For those who know and love the Lord, death’s parting is only temporary.

My husband and I don’t have children of our own, but we have a very special goddaughter. The story is too long to tell, but something very special is about to happen to her. We have been praying and praying for her. A few weeks ago, things took a turn for the worse and it seemed impossible. She was devasted, and asked her mother to call me. “Chochy will know what to.” she said. All I did was pray harder. It’s going to happen - on March 26th.

Blessings - Chochy

Funny. There’s a lot of things in our universe that are neither clear nor convincingly there, yet agnostic/atheists seem to believe in them with little resistance.

Aliens, for example. I’ve had enough conversation with non-believers who claim that it should be “plain” that there are aliens - the universe is a mighty big place after all. Nevermind that we’ve never uncovered even a hint of life beyond our little planet. This does not faze them. Some will even go to propose that advanced alien civilizations seeded life on this planet - think Richard Dawkins, for instance.

But God is difficult to believe in? Ultimately, the question is: will they allow themselves to objectively view the evidence that is presented?

Although, I never seem to get a proper answer to the question:*** 'How do I quantify a being who transcends time and space, and indeed created them?***

And assuming I could get one of the God molecules and put it in a petri dish for you to observe, what do you have that will prove that it is really God? It’s not like there’s a standard I can put it against.

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