What would it take to unite us all?

What do you think that it would take for us all to really become one Church in Christ?

Besides a Miracle:D

In a word, Communion.

The 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.


I have to disagree agreeably. Here is Orthodoxy by itself…

James 2:19

You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!

That would unite some of us and send the rest to hell.

How true is your statement. The sheep being seperated from the goats. At that point, we don’t need to debate these issues since the Elect of God will be with Jesus Christ forever and ever (and all will be Calvinists at that point…LOL)…

Do you think John Calvin is in heaven?


…you need to show protestants the early church fathers. Tell them about what they did and the fact that they were catholic! :smiley:

But honestly Zundrah didn’t history show that. And while alot of Protestants do deny the fact that they were Catholic other indeed accept it. But it does not seem to be enough.

It was enough for me! :smiley:

Of course, alongside with Martin Luther. Do you think Pope Leo X is in Heaven?

What about Pope Leo X?

I wonder. Doesn’t it amaze you how one man, (luther) and at the time was Catholic could separate so many People. How he could think that people would leave the teachings of the Church and follow him, and they did? It blows my mind at times.

And the other thing that I could never get off my mind was lucifer and luther how they sounded so much alike. And how at one time they were both so close to God? You wonder just what made them snap?

Well, if you take the NT accounts, it is no surprise that the visible church is split. We are redeemned in one sense, but are not yet made perfect, struggling with the remaining sin in all Christians. Therefore, there will never be unity in the visible church (those who profess Christ) until He returns for His bride. The Catholic Church has it’s issues just like all Protestant churches.

Q - What made them snap?

A - Selfish ambition.

I have no idea.

Why do you think Calvin is in heaven?

Have you read much of John Calvin? He is known for his gifted mind, but his writings are very devotional… manifesting a great love for God. It’s the same with Jonathan Edwards in his obvious great love for God. Truth in doctrine when applied by the Holy Spirit to our minds will grow us in a greater love for our God. IMO… the more we understand the depths of the gospel, the more we will grow our personal love for God in what He has done for us in Christ.

I guess we see it so different. I do believe that the Church was made perfect because the Church is Jesus Christ. It is led by the Power of the Holy Spirit. You don’t believe that the church is led by the HS and the HS is perfect?

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