What would it take...


What would it take for all of christianity to put aside all their differences to unite under one church?
What would you give up to be united under the one umbrella so to speak?


well we would have to leave off making personal attacks on people and calling it apologetics for one thing.


It would take us all agreeing which doctines are correct.

This isn’t as easy simply loving one another. I love many of my Baptists friends but I don’t agree with their theology and they don’t agree with mine.

Either they would have to abandon something like sola scriptura or I would have to accept it. And solasciptura is only the beginning of the process.

Of course, we could all become Roman Catholic. That would simplify the whole process.:wink:


I think it will take massive persecution.

At the moment, there is no reason for us all to get together. We’re doing just fine staying in our own little buildings and waving “hi” to each other.

But massive persecution, in which people are being killed for their faith, will make it necessary for Christians, REAL Christians, to work together to continue to preach the Gospel, to comfort each other in the midst of the executions, and to work/fight to restore justice and freedom.

I just finished reading an article in “Christianity Today” about the food crisis in Africa. It’s interesting that ALL the relief organizations: World Vision, Catholic Social Services, Oxfam, Unicef (ooh–pro-abortion), United Nations (ooh-pro-abortion) are ALL working TOGETHER to help the starving. There was no talk of in-fighting or doctrinal differences. In the midst of a crisis, these organizations have come together.

May God have mercy. I hope the Holy Spirit chooses another method other than persecution to bring our churches back together and unite us.


There’s a good audio about this by Peter Kreeft:


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