What would Jesus do??


So a local alcoholic that stops buy my bank does business and leaves. We know he is noticably intoxicated by smell and swerving gate. Not an uncommon sight for the guy. Of cource we watch him get in his pickup and off he goes to somewhere.

So what would Jesus do? Call the highway patrol, sheriff, and local police and inform them of an intoxicated driver. Get in the middle of he and the car? What?

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I would perhaps offer to call him a cab, or ask if he has any friends I can call. Maybe give him a ride home myself? If he insisted on driving himself, alone, then I would probably call the cops, because if there just happened to be an accident, and he was involved in it, I would be partially to blame for letting him go.

That being said, I don’t know what Jesus would do…that’s just my best guess.


If you are certain he’s been drinking & it’s not a medical condition that makes him unsteady, pull him aside and tell him that he’s in no condition to drive and you’d like to call him a cab. If he refuses, and my money says he will, get his plates, note the direction he’s headed & call the police NOW and try to stall him as long as possible.

Jesus would want you to prevent the drunk from plowing into a father of four or school kids in a crosswalk. Drunk driving isn’t an accident - it’s a crime.

I was paying behind someone in a grocery store who was obviously drunk. As I watched him stumble toward his car I called the police. Lucky for us, he was so drunk that it took him forever to get into his car so by the time he was pulling away, the police were there to nab him.


To put it simply, Jesus would walk His path
He would do “the right thing” for Him to do at the given moment

When a situation arises, ask Jesus what is the “right thing” for you to do
Then ask Him for the courage to actually do it

You will know you are walking your path because your soul will be at peace

And remember, each moment is different
The right thing may not be the logical thing
The right thing today may be wrong tomorrow

(I’ve finally realized that there are no one-size-fits-all answers to life’s situations)

Go with Love, Go with God!


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There was just a case in Minneapolis/St. Paul where a fellow who was drunk refused a cab and drove off. The drinking establishment, which had not let him in because he was obviously intoxicated called the police. Before they could catch him he crashed into a concrete lane seperator and pushed it in front of a sixteen year old girl traveling in the opposite direction. A double trailer truck got entangled in the wreckage, the girl was killed. I would hope that Jesus would at least call a cop and let the law untangle the situation. Letting the guy drive off drunk isn’t doing him or anyone else any favors.


I was just thinking about this girl as I read the post.

A few months ago, I was driving and came upon a car that was driving about 40 mph in a 55 mph zone. There was also some road construction cones in the middle area where a median was going in. I watched this guy swerve from side to side, nearly hit one cone, and then as the cones ended, drive into the other lane. Luckily no other cars were there at that moment, but at that point my DH, who was also in the car, called 911, gave a description of what was happening, and we watched as 3 squads approached. We were all coming upon a red light, and the car in question not only ran a red light, but then made a left turn, almost causing an accident. (We had stopped back at the light). The 3 squads got the guy.


If this is a regular occurance I would not call a cab, I would call the police with the license & discription of the car. A cab will not change his behavior next time. I’m sure he doesn’t just drive to the bank drunk. Legal intervention maybe the only way to give this guy a wake up call or at least keep him off the streets. Trust me as the wife of a recovered alcoholic. My husband finally went into recovery after being arrested for drunk driving. Thankfully he didn’t injure anyone.


I appreciate your opinion on subject, but how does your philosophy square with moral theology? The right thing today must be the right thing yesterday and the right thing tomorrow, or by definition it can’t be the right thing, unless there is no moral truth.


I would NOT get in front of his car, that might get you run over. I would maybe say something like, tell him, he is in no condition to drive, and if he got in his car anyway, I would definitely call the authorities.

If you see this guy regularly like this, the very next time I noticed him in the same condition I would call the authorities even while he is in the bank. The cops can wait until he gets back into his vehicle to make an arrest.

This guy is a menace to society, and he may either get himself killed or someone else. Please do whatever you can to keep him off the road. Do not however put yourself at risk to confront him.


Where do you all live that the authorities give a hoot? This is exactly the sort of call that they tell you that you are wasting their valuable time and they clearly wish you would go away. Unless you have proof, and unless they can surely catch the guy in the act, they usually don’t care.

Is this a small town or suburbia thing?:confused: Or are you talking about only calling if you know the plate number and that the cops can get there before the guy leaves?


Not sure IF the authorities actually would show up but they do run all sorts of sobriety tests and anti-drunk driving campaigns in our area. It would be hypocritical of them not to show up.

I did have one incident in our neighborhood where a suspicious vehicle was next to my home, I called the cops, they showed up fairly quickly.


Moral Theology calls for intervention. It does not and cannot specify the exact intervention required.


Call the police. Let someone with experience handle the situation.

My husband works in law enforcement. We live in a relatively small town. A report of an intoxicated driver would absolutely be followed up on.


I live in suburbia and the police are very responsive.

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