What would Jesus say about Islam?


I’ve been wondering about this for a while. What would Jesus say about Islam, Mohammed (his teachings)?


Why would it be pointless?


I see. Well then this will get interesting…


Oh undoubtedly :smile: It’s a valid question; however, few can charitably debate.:smirk: :popcorn:


Honestly? Probably not to judge them. He reached out to Samaritans. How would Jesus treat Christians? I mean he was Jewish. Who knows if Christianity was really supposed to drift into a totally different religion as opposed to a Jewish sect.


Here we go…


he would have corrected them like he did the Jews

29My Father who has given them to Me is greater than all. No one can snatch them out of My Father’s hand. 30I and the Father are one.” 31At this, the Jews again picked up stones to stone Him.… John 10:29-31


Jesus didn’t really talk about various belief systems (as least not recorded in the Gospels.
His message was a mandate to preach and to baptize into the whole world.


Hehe. Yeah. When asked about Islam, Jesus would probably say, “Evangelize them!”


He would probably treat them just as He did the unbelieving jews or Roman pagans. Sternly with Grace and Love.


I would argue along the lines of what Saint John of Damascus wrote about it:



That’s to deny the Holy Spirit guides the Church.


So what are you saying ? St. James was a heretic?


“Nobody knows the Father except through Christ?”
… just guessing… :blush:


What do you mean “was Saint James was a heretic?”

Saint Paul goes to extensive lengths to condemn the Works of the Law, which have been fulfilled through Christ,
and the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church have both condemned continuously the usage of Jewish customs and norms, as they have been fulfilled by the New Israel - which is the Church.

If you are Catholic, I recommend you study the Council of Florence.


Because James and the Jewish Christian Church remained in Jerusalem until the Romans destroyed the city in 70 A.D.
Who knows what Christianity would have been if that hadn’t happened. Now our Church is based on a New Testament half written by a guy who never even knew Jesus.


This is historical. Of course it’s not theological but my Masters in theology makes me think critically on both sides.


The same thing he would say about other religions? Evangelise?


This is odd to say.
Paul encountered Jesus. The Gospels were written by two who were followers of the apostles and two who were themselves Apostles.
St Paul’s letters and concordances were by him, an Apostle
Acts was written by the same Luke who wrote the Gospel of Luke.

And the Church is not based on the New Testament, the New Testament describes Her early years and establishment, along with some Teachings of Jesus.

St Peter, the first pope mind you, was taught in a vision that the Church is for all people, and not just the Jew.
The early patriotics assume the destruction of the Temple is a punishment upon the Jews as well as a statement of the Messiah already having come, the Temple is not anymore needed.

And to answer the OP, Jesus said the antichrist is he who denies Christ and teaches against Him, and many saints seem to say Mohammed was a figure of the Antichrist (i.e., like a type, not the actual antichrist). So I imagine something similar.

We are to love Muslims. But we are not to love false religions, for we love Truth.


Would prefer to go with good old fashioned Old Testament fire and wrath myself.

Then again considering Islamic text and record, perhaps what Muhammad needed was an exorcist or a psychiatrist.

Anybody who thinks that every dog in the vacinity needs to be terminated, just because Angel Gabriel is so afraid of them he missed an appointment, well he was probably more than few sandwiches short of a picnic.

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