What would Jesus say to Charles Taze Russell


The Lord Jesus Christ
100 St. Peter’s Way
New Jerusalem

Dear Charles,

I appreciate your writing to share your concerns. I realize that you taught there was no hell and therefore it must be a great shock to find yourself in the sixth circle. Apparently you missed my many mentions of hell in the New Testament. By the way I did not appreciate how your Jehovah’s Witnesses changed my words in the New World Translation. Also the Hebrew language does not contain the letters “j” or “v”, so the proper way to pronounce the divine name is Yahweh. If you are going to insist on using it then get it right. In addition I am not Michael the Archangel. Your letter was delivered to the wrong address. I am Jesus Christ, the Word of God, who is God. Please make a note of it.

You also got a lot of other things wrong. For example the dates of my second coming. 1874, 1914…make up your mind. Actually the date of my return is secret and no one will know the day or the hour. I said that repeatedly, but unfortunately your Jehovah’s Witnesses ignore me. They have set many dates and all of them have been wrong. Yet somehow this evidence of being false prophets eludes their followers.

The Watchtower Society that you founded has caused me much pain. When I see all the children who died because of their false teaching on blood transfusions I become angry. On a related matter I would appreciate you not sending me anymore Watchtower magazines. I don’t need Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to correct my thinking. I am after all the Truth. Their vicious attacks on the Catholic Church, my own body, are most distressing to me.

You have stated that you wish to join me in heaven with the 144,000. How you came up with this idea of how many would reign with me I find perplexing. How could you be so dense? I never said any such thing. It is this kind of thinking that landed you in a burning tomb for all eternity. However, you can join me. If you admit that you were wrong, acknowledge God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, repent of your sins, and accept my love. I know this will be hard for you. So many in your circle rejected my words in favor of their own. Please take a moment to reflect on what I have written. Down there you have plenty of time to think.


PS: I am afraid that I must decline the invitation to your Bible study. Surely by now you must realize that you don’t understand the Bible at all. There is already a fine Bible study up here run by St. Jerome.


Dear Charles,

Well…At least its a dry heat.


lol that is some consolation I am sure.


hola padre

i do not mean this disrespectfully but is it wise to mimic nonbelievers when they do things like write letters from God? i think the muslim that did this did so out of arrogance and ignorance… it might be appropriate for anybody but the Holy Father to speak on behalf of God…

Dominus Vobiscum


It is in line with screwtape letters. I am just writing from the heavenly side of things. Don’t be literalistic.


yes padre, i apologize

Dominus Vobiscum


People going to hell is so hilarious.

“HA!!! God told you so!!!”


It’s not hilarious. It’s very sad. I appreicate the OP’s post. As a former JW I can totally relate to the pain that Russell HAS caused millions of people - not just in this life - but eternally. I would like to think that this is what Jesus would say to him. Leading all of those millions of people astray is VERY serious.


This is wonderful! :thumbsup: Thanks for posting this one! I wish I could show it to DH so he’d think about being a JW twice. Sad thing is he won’t since JWs cannot read other religious material… :frowning:


Precisely the sort of “God told you so” to which I was referring.


Well, the point is that we believe God ‘has’ told us so–oh, not necessarily that any given individual is in hell (we do not know) but certainly God has told us, through Scripture and tradition, not only that hell exists, but that the road to it is wide and broad and many choose it, while few choose the narrow way that leads to life.

In Matthew’s gospel, Christ clearly tells us that there will be a division of ‘the sheep’ and ‘the goats’; one group will depart to everlasting happiness and one to eternal damnation, because of their freely chosen actions.

It isn’t hilarious that hell exists. It isn’t hilarious that “God told us so”.

It’s a wake up call.

“For I have set before you life and death. Choose life, therefore.”


Do you disagree that God communicates with His people?


Perhaps this letter should have started:

Dear Charles:

The fact that you can read this indicates you were mistaken in so many things; the human body “being a soul” not the least. Likewise, the existance of Hell…and of Purgatory. Are you not glad that you are in the latter and not the former?..

Charity, always, charity


Jesus is going to say to him, I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ Matthew 7:23


Dear Taz:

Wish you were here. :slight_smile:




Oh, come on. That was funny.

There is an active group of JW’s here and they give me magazines all the time.


Since JWs aren’t allowed to read religious non JW material, the letter would be stamped back “Return to Sender”.


:rotfl: you’re right… how sad in a funny way.


[size=]Also the Hebrew language does not contain the letters “j” or “v”[/size]

Then why do you call him “Jesus” with a “J”?


I call him God with a G.

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