What would Jesus say to Ellen Gould White


The Lord Jesus Christ
100 St. Peter’s Way
New Jerusalem

Dear Mrs. White,

I am writing in response to your letter of protest. Of course I knew that you taught the doctrine of soul sleep. I realize it was difficult for you to experience immediate judgment after death. As you seem confused about where you are I officially inform you that you are on the first terrace of purgatory. This is where the proud are placed. You put your own teachings ahead of the truth and yourself ahead of me, so this is the appropriate place for you.

However, I encourage you to consider the bright side. Someday you will join me in heaven. First however you will have to accept the fact that you were wrong about a great many things. For example, purgatory. This will no doubt trouble you since it is a Catholic teaching. Well, you were wrong about Catholicism too. The Catholic Church is not the Whore of Babylon. It is my body on earth. Likewise the Pope is not the anti-Christ. He is my vicar on earth. His “name” and his titles do not add up to 666. Your seventh day adventists spent a lot of time attacking that staw man. Didn’t you notice that your own name adds up to 666?

You were also wrong about the Sabbath. In heaven we worship on Sunday, so you had better get used to it. Actually here every day is Sunday. It is the day of my resurrection and the sign of the new creation. In your Great Disappointment back in 1844 you felt you had to create something to set yourselves apart and put down the rest of Christianity. In an attempt to salve your pride and pretend to be superior you chose the Sabbath. You were wrong about the date of my return, you were wrong about my Church, and you are wrong about the day of worship. Do you see a pattern here?

Your pride would not allow you to admit you were wrong. Therefore, you led many others astray. I am greatly disappointed in you. But over time you will come to understand your errors. Eventually you will embrace the fullness of truth. All of the saints, especially my Most Holy Mother, are praying for you. We look forward to your joining us. I know millions of years seem like a long time, but it gets easier if you begin to acknowledge your sins and embrace humility.



Do you think Ellen knew plagarism was wrong? Do you think that when she described her visions and the words appeared to be plagarized she actually had such visions?

What about all the false accusations about the Catholic Church - do you think maybe these were just things she had read and truely believed them?

How culpable do you think she was for her errors?


I put her in purgatory. She had seizures and I think that led her to thinking she was some kind of prophetess. Mental illness or damage is an extenuating circumstance. The sda’s should be happy that she at least made it to purgatory.


I think that you are entirely too kind.:stuck_out_tongue:

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