What would Jesus say to muhammed?


The Lord Jesus Christ
100 St. Peter’s Way
New Jerusalem

Dear Muhammed,

Thank you for your letter. It isn’t often I get mail from Bolgia 9 in the 8th Circle. I regret that I cannot renounce my divinity and recognize you as a prophet as you demand. Also I realize you are displeased with the condition in which you find yourself. However, I would remind you that you freely chose your state and refused repentence. The gates of hell are locked on the inside, so if you have the right keys you can open them and enter heaven. We would be pleased to have you here.

As a courtesy I will freely offer you those keys. First, admit the truth about yourself. You were not, and are not, a prophet. I didn’t send you. You denied the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Redemption, and my Resurrection. Instead you created your own scriptures. Often these pandered to your own debased desires. Where in the world did you get the idea that God would allow you to marry a nine year old child? That was not from me! You claim you saw an angel. Yes, you did. But it was a fallen one and you listened. You were wrong. Instead of starting your own faith you should have entered my Church.

The second key is to repent. Repent of your sins. You were not a perfect man. You committed murder, child abuse, rape, theft, and a vast array of other sins. Pride was your worst fault. It is the main thing that keeps you where you are right now. Your falsehoods and violence have spread throughout the world causing untold misery. Today the religion you founded is known primarily for its terrorism. I could have told you that would be the result since it was based on a lie, but you would not listen to me.

The third key is to confess the true faith. Praise the one true God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Acknowledge me as your Lord and God. Bend your knee. See my wounds and realize they are for love of you. Accept the love of your God and begin, by grace, to love back. It will be hard at first, but it will be a joy. Then you will know true love and will become a son of the Father and will reign with Us forever.

I sincerely hope that you will listen to me now. I await you with open arms. The only one keeping you in hell is you.

In Love,
Jesus Christ


haha that’s classic! :rotfl:


Well done! Now I am wondering what Jesus would write to Joseph Smith! I do believe he could copy and paste a LOT! Not sure about the murder part but definitely the “created your own scriptures” part and I guess you’ll need to add the “multiple wives” part. Would Joseph be in the same circle of Hell? Don’t know, I’d have to check my copy of the Divine Comedy.

Of course one thing in Joseph Smith’s favor is that there hasn’t been an entire organization devoted to terrorism created in the name of Mormonism. At least not lately. Not sure about events over 100 years ago!



Maybe one to Joseph will appear on this board. We will see.


Wow! Excellent, Father Cest!:extrahappy:



I should do a series of letters and publish them in book form.



You should! This was a great one… I’d love to see one for Charles Taze Russell who founded the JWs…


You certainly should! Hey, how about that book about Muhammad? :smiley:



I’d like to see a letter to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Cult.


Nah! He’d just calim it was a bomb in an attempt by you-know-who to kill him! :wink:

I am trying to convince Canada (As they fly an unside down Canadian flag over an upside down American flag) to declare war on the Westboro Baptist “Church” and invade. Why not have a Canadian Embassey in Topeka? I’ll even learn to play hockey, drink Labattes and learn the words to “Oh, Canada”! :smiley:


If the Canadians do invade, have them stop by my house on their way, and I’ll be glad to show them how to get to the Phelps compound on 12th Street.




A couple of technical points to consider with this letter.

The Church has never officially declared that anyone is in hell.

While all the souls in purgatory will be released to heaven, a soul in hell remains in hell forever.

The Church admonishes us to treat the religious beliefs of others with the utmost respect even if we do not agree with them.

It is best to pray for those who do not share our religious beliefs and not to poke fun at those whom they embrace as spiritual leaders. We don’t like it when the Pope is lampooned and I personally don’t think that it is right to do this to others.




I used Dante’s Inferno. Jesus seems to indicate that hell is not exactly empty. It is possible that muhammed repented at the last. I hope so, but find it doubtful. I recommend Dante’s Divine Comedy to all.


Well this could be a ‘form’ letter to any one who jumps up centuries later, and claims a new truth


I think we should be more worried about what we will say to Jesus!


And Jesus will ask us did we stand up for the truth of His message, or not.


Yes, that’s true for real religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism. As Christians we should respect real religions because they are of pre-Christian origin and thus have divine origin (refer to the CCC). However, classical Islam should be excluded as a religious belief as it is not a religion at all but a political-motivated ideology.

BTW, go to Google and search for “Hindu slaughter by Islam” to learn more about Islamic aggression towards Hindu people.


Or go to

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