What would need to be compromised for a Catholic - Orthodox reconciliation?


If Rome “revises” Vatican I, Yes. Otherwise, I don;t see it is possible.


Friend, you know full well that these posters do not speak with the mind of the Church. The Catholic Church’s official position has been very open and welcoming for decades now - going back to the 60s. Relations between Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew have been excellent. Pope Benedict said that the Orthodox would not be asked to accept the primacy of Rome beyond what was lived in the first millennium.


The Church clarified Vatican I at Vatican II, which emphasized the authority of the college of bishops as a whole, united with and under the Bishop of Rome. Some Catholics had mistakenly developed the notion that the Pope is effectively the only true bishop with other bishops his mere deputies… Vatican II condemned this understanding, providing more nuance around the previous Council’s dogmatic declaration on the papacy.


Are you familiar with the Nikonian reforms in the Russian Orthodox Church and what happened?


The Old Believers and the Moscow Patriarchate both celebrate the Liturgy of st. John Chrysostom with small differences, and old believers use 2 fingers when they cross themselves.


The scripture issue isn’t an issue for the Catholics. We allow the Byzantine Catholics to use those scriptures in their liturgy.

The issue is that some influential Orthodox take issue with the fact that we have not declared them inspired - so they demand that we recognize these in the Roman Rite.


In this video an Orthodox priest explains what the Orthodox would like to see in a reunion with the Catholic Church.


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