What would Peter think of the church today?

I’m not directing this solely to one denomination or church but, seriously, have you ever wondered what Peter would think of what the church looks like today? I read thru all of these forums and see some deep stuff and acronyms that, for the common person, are almost incomprehensible! (Maybe it’s just my brain :shrug:)

What are your thoughts?

I think he might be completely blown away…until he went to mass where, recognizing the body and blood of his Lord, he would feel right at home.

True, I agree he would recognize the Presence of the Lord, but I agree with your assessment that he would be “blown away.”

I suspect a mixture of sadness and fury over the continuing divisions in His Church. It would be a fury directed at all of us, not any one communion.


I can’t imagine him getting excited about diplomatic relations with Cuba, or Climate Change. :wink:

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Probably extremely confused on a lot of the things modern Catholics take for granted (“You confess in private?” “What’s this Bible book you have here?” “Is this that Gregorian chant you keep talking about?”) but he’d recognize the core elements of the faith and know it to be his own, especially if he went to Mass. I think other aspects, like the other sacraments and devotion to our Lady, would be familiar to him as well.

I don’t know what Peter would think, but I know his appearance today would cause a considerable stir, for there would then be two popes emeriti, Benedict and Peter, and three living popes!

I know, silly hypothetics :D, but don’t you think Pope Francis would step down and allow Pope Peter to assume his chair?


Oh, yeah! I’m absolutely sure that would happen! :thumbsup:

Could a Pope vacate and cede his place to a living former Pope? Or is it a one time appointment?

or, he would just fit right in

you know, it is possible that he has witnessed the volution of the church after all. being a saint.

I don’t think we know what they know or don’t know about activity on earth

No clue. Its just a fun little speculation on my part.


Myself wonders if he’d rather say the Divine Liturgy of Saint James with the Antiochians. :wink:

I think he’d be a bit surprised to know the Jews still exist - or, come to think of it, that the world still exists. He might be a bit shocked at how much Christianity has changed the world - and how far the Church has spread, both geographically and doctrinally, even creating new, not-even-remotely-Christian religions like Mormonism, Islam, and Unitarian Universalism. And perhaps just a bit disappointed that things got so out of control…:frowning:

I think he would be especially distressed at the lack of sacraments in some communities, particularly the Eucharist. It’s how Christians from the earliest had a “personal relationship”. No offense to our Protestant brethren, but this ethereal “personal relationship” doesn’t hold a candle to God’s making Himself present. Jesus in the flesh and spirit is a thousand times better than Jesus in the spirit only.

Finally, I think he’d be rather shocked - though not distressed - at the depths of Catholic doctrinal development. That big, huge catechism alone would probably amaze him. (“My, you people certainly have a lot of time to kill, don’t you? And yet, there’s still much of the world that does not know Christ!”)

How do you think St. Peter would respond to the non-Christians of today?

He’d probably wonder why his successors wear such nice robes and are so comfy.

He would wonder why the churches formed by his brother, Andrew, are not on good terms with his successor in Rome.

My guess is he’d probably have a heart attack. After he gets revived, he would most likely be disgusted by Christians; how we identify more with our denomination/branch than as Christians, how fractured we are (both inside and across denominations), how lavish and wealthy some churches are. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some flogging involved.

I concur.

I don’t think we’re able to guess a man’s thoughts while in heaven. Can he feel sadness for the church while in heaven?

One would think so. Luke 15:7 Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.

Seems if they can feel joy, they can feel sadness.


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