What would the world be like if...?

I was wondering to myself the other day about the pros and the cons of the following:

What would Christendom be like if all non-Catholic Christians (Protestants, Orthodox, etc) all became faithful Catholics?

Would the world be a better place?

How would individual countries like the USA be different?

How would the personality of Catholicism change, if any?

Your thoughts are welcome…

The music at mass would be better.

That would mean over half the Church would be faithful Catholics. No doubt that would change the world. I won’t try to estimate the percentage of Catholics who are currently “faithful” in the best sense, but I’m pretty sure it’s less than half, and by more than a little. Unfortunately.

My guess is simply:
*]More cathedrals.
*]More religious in collars and habits in place of the pastors and sisters walking around.
*]Little to no southern-style gospel music that I admittedly poke more fun at than really appreciate. :o
*]Less eagerness to proselytize outside the chapel. More of it inside.

I may have lapsed but even I still have more appreciation for the aesthetics of Catholicism than the rather highly Americanized trappings of modern Protestants. (No offense guys, but I just can’t bring myself to respect Bible Belt culture.)

I would suggest reading Hoe the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization.

I would imagine there would be more social programs, more mission work around the world, less justification of secular ideologies.
And maybe the church musicians would be appreciated. On second thought…nah. That would never happen. :smiley:

If Christendom were all converted to the Church, all of those cultures would not disappear but be brought into the Church. And the Church would be better for them.

The USA would be a Catholic country by default, and in about eight years, that would start to be reflected in its laws.


Hopefully, we would have an increase in the priestly vocation. Because at the current rate we would have 1 priest for every 550,000 Christians. I have no doubt, however, that Our Lord would provide the Church it’s needs would it ever happen.

I don’t know man, I see too many wrongs in mixing Bible Belt culture with Catholicism as compared to even mixing it with the hippie, diversity loving culture of supposed ‘liberals.’

Heck, the latter are the same people who cite Mother Theresa, JP2, and now Pope Francis as inspiration. Some call it misplaced but the fact is that the thoughts are there.

Can the folks of the Bible Belt boast the same? Last time I checked, they’d sooner believe in Dave Hunt. :shrug:

I don’t know, I can imagine in our Southern States, rugged guys with Jerusalem Bibles yelling: “Repent and go to confession!!!”



so…those of us who work in Southern parishes…what are we supposed to do to seem more “catholic” to you? Just curious…

-Orthodox are Catholic
-The world would be a better place if everyone regardless of their faith was more faithful to the teachings of it

I’d rather be chastised at swordpoint by a priest dressed as a templar knight at the local Renaissance fair. (Come to think of it, there could be a chance of being more of those too.)

Because if you want to make a show out of getting the likes of me to repent, at least have more class. Character class even.


Be more medieval. And if you insist on really putting on an American face, I’d rather it’d be the frontier one Catholics wore during the days of the Old West. :thumbsup:

LOL @ better music!

Actually, I think the world would me much improved if CATHOLICS would ALL start acting like GOOD Catholics! Our churches would be full again and laws would change eventually and Christian values would be reflected in our daily lives. Yes to more vocations, bigger families and less materialism. More love, less hate.

Completely agree with OldCatholicGuy who said if everyone of whatever faith stuck to their own faith teachings, the world would be a better place.

Is there such a thing as less eagerness to proselytize outside the chapel? :slight_smile: (I’m a revert, back from 20 years of Full Gospel!)

More medieval? Kneel outside to shame penitents and keep them from receiving Eucharist? Sackcloth anyone?
No thanks.

As compared to verbally browbeating random passerbys with a bullhorn and a picket sign with really overused fonts.

At least medieval Catholicism has ways to get itself taken just a wee bit more seriously. :shrug:

basisally Christians resources would be pooled together and we could do so so much more good. Plus as one atheist I know put “if christianity was united it would be more believeable”

I really really think if chriarians where united most of the world would become Christians

I have often wondered this also as I believe to the world Christianity would present a stronger and more impressive image as One Body than splintered into thousands of denominations. It is hard for me to keep islam and Judaism straight with their different sects which might
be under 10 different form for each of them. I can’t comprehend how the Christians have broken apart into so many denominations.


You’re welcome :thumbsup:

Hi Clare,
I think church musicians are an under-appreciated group of servants who have a big influence in setting the tone and mood at church, although the Lord should always be our primary focus. A beautiful praise song or hymn helps put me in a better frame of mind to worship our Lord.

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