What would this be called? An "Apologist"?


Hello everyone. I have previously posted before that I am having some trouble discerning.

These past days I have thought of myself speaking to people in groups, almost like preaching. I would really like to get a message out there to the youth of today, and the dangers of worldly things, to encourage them to come back to the church instead of feeling constantly judged and stepped on. I want them to know that they are welcomed, and loved and they have something to live for.

I want to combine my career while working for God, if that makes sense. I want this to be my “job”. Kind of like the people that are guests on Catholic Answers :slight_smile: Speakers, encouraging people. IF I were to pursue this, (of course with more discerning, research, and speak with a priest) what kind of schooling would I have to take? On the website of the school I am planning to attend, I am wondering if I would have to major in communications or something like that.

“Social Science & Counseling Department” Is the page I am on right now,
"The Social Sciences provide an appreciation of the diversity and commonality of all human experience. The curriculum studies human behavior, both past and present, individual and collective, legal and illegal, distant and local. It seeks to foster greater social justice, personal freedom, and mutual understanding

Courses in many subjects are offered. Among these are Anthropology, Child Development, Criminology, Economics, Education, Food and Nutrition, Physical, Human and Regional Geography, History, Human Services, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Most courses can be used to satisfy transfer and associate degree general education requirements."

Does that sound like something that would help? I am having trouble finding out if they have a “religion/ Religious study” class.

I just can’t imagine myself doing something that will not be for God. I want to spread a message. But I get tripped up in fear. Fear that I will “scare people” and make them scrupulous like me, or that I will say something that goes against Church Teachings, or won’t know what to say at all. FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. I should trust that the Holy Spirit will guide me. I just have trouble with this. I just want to get this in motion, but I must know what. And that I may find employment to put myself through, transportation, and young sister to start school.:blush:


Hi Maria :slight_smile:

If i may ask, which part California are you in?


I would also like to know the ‘studies’ that are involved in becoming and Apologist.


San Joaquin Valley :slight_smile:


Same. No luck yet though. :confused:


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