What would you do if you are called to obedience?

I have read so many people say:

“I don’t follow the traditions of men”
“I don’t follow the different denominations”
“If it is not in the Bible, then it can’t be”
“I only follow Jesus”

etc. etc. etc.

How can I not follow the traditions of men?

  1. I went to a school/church that I had no choice to go to, my parents (man and woman or next of kin) made that choice for me.
  2. I chose my college but I had to confine myself to the classes selected by a group of men that determined what classes were needed to obtain my degree.
  3. I applied for jobs where I was to be paid by a formula determined by men.
  4. I pay taxes on a formula determined by men.
  5. I am confined to obey civil and criminal laws determined by men.
  6. I am driving a car that was put together by men or by machines that were put together by men.
  7. I am using a computer that has an operating system created by men, and I have no idea what part of my information it is sharing without my knowledge to the rest of the world.
  8. I want to learn about my Faith… and I realize that God created men. That God gave us a form of communication that enables us to transmit out thoughts, ideas, traditions, practices, etc. Without men, I would not be able to do anything… I guess that is why God created men, for my benefit.
  9. I learn more about my Faith… and I realize that God loves me so much that He became one like me… human form, so that I would have the benefit of hearing His message on my own level. Not only that, but He chose other men to continue His mission. Men like you and me…
  10. I learn more about Faith… and I realize that for me to be able to read the Word of God I depend on the sacrifice of men that guarded His message and kept His Traditions. That what I am reading is stained with the blood of Christ and His saints, all of them throughout history and in all colors, shapes and languages… men like you and me.
  11. I learn more about Faith… and I realize that unlike you and me, these saints and our Lord made the choice to live among men, to accept the challenge to help one another and to fight for unity, not dispersion and chaos. These men, consulted with other men and they grew either stronger or weaker together.
  12. I learn more about Faith… and I realize that the Creator of All said:
    [bibledrb]Genesis 2:18[/bibledrb]
  13. Did Jesus not send more men to spread His word?

Who am I to despise other men? When He has said that it is not good for me to be alone?

What would you do if you are called to obedience?

What if I told you that we already have?

[bibledrb]Deuteronomy 6:4-9[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]Ephesians 6:1-3[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]Colossians 3:22[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]Hebrews 13:17[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]1 Peter 4:16-17[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]1 Samuel 15:22[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]Galatians 5:13-14[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]Romans 2:6-8[/bibledrb]
[bibledrb]Genesis 22:17-18[/bibledrb]

Would you put all your things aside and be obedient?

I am trying and at times I fail, more than I care to admit. But I won’t give up, He is not giving up on me.

[bibledrb]Mark 12:28-34[/bibledrb]

I pray we can love each other at least a fraction of how much He loves us.

In Him.


To respond directly to your posted title,

"What would you do if you are called to obedience? "

For starters, I would listen to my priest and log off this forum and cancel my account. He was right. There are too many misguided teaching on these forums, or pursuasive teachings in conflict with the Church, it’s best to stay off these forums.

If there’s a conflict between the two, we’re to put God and doing the right thing first.

Any examples, Ammo?

And speaking of misguided teaching, is your priest familiar with the spiritual works of mercy (in particular the one about instructing the ignorant since I guess he believes, and perhaps you agree, that many of us are ignorant of church teaching)?

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