What would you do if you're child denied Jesus?


I don’t have any kids, but I was thinking if my son denied Jesus I

explain it is a very sinful and dangerous thing to do
and demand that he either ask for forgiveness or see a priest immediately

would you yell at them
or let them go and have their own beliefs?
would you be concerned for the savation of your kid?
or would you respect their religion?


This is a touchy subject. If my child denied Jesus (which I doubt I’ll have since I might be a priest) I wouldn’t yell at him/her. Yelling doesn’t solve anything and it drives them farther away from the church. Of course I would be concerned of my child’s salvation. I would just continue to take them to Mass and put them in the CCD program. When they are out of my house, then they can choose whatever religion they want. That doesn’t mean I’d agree with it, but you have to accept them.


I think it would depend on the age of the child.


I have a son who is 22 (almost 23) and claims to be agnostic. So, to some degree, more or less, I live in the situation that you have described. To be honest, there isn’t much a parent can do at least at this stage in the game. My children were all raised Christian. However, when they left to become “educated” at our fine universities, they were introduced to new and appealing ideas. My oldest son didn’t do so well and now has become someone that I do not know or understand anymore. My other two sons appear to be holding strong to the Catholic faith and seem to have both feet firm on the ground. All I can do for my oldest is pray for him. When I have attempted to discuss the situation with him, we’ve always ended up in an argument with lots of resentment on both sides. St. Monica (mother to St Augustine) had this same situation and God heard her prayers and answered them. So, that is what I have resigned myself to do as well. I pray.


What do you mean by “denied Jesus”?

Deny He exists?

Deny He is God Incarnate?

Deny He is Savior?

Deny Christianity in favor of some other religion?

Deny Jesus by choosing to sin?

You need to be a bit more specific here.


Yes, this.

I think if it were a younger child, I’d continue to take them to Mass, etc., explain why you believe what you do, and enroll them in religious education. I’d also tell them that questioning, having doubts, or feeling distanced from faith is not an abnormal part of growing up.

For an adult child, yes, I believe you would need to “respect their religion” inasmuch as yelling, disowning them, or the like, not only would not help but would, I believe, be counterproductive.

Of course in either case you’d be concerned and would pray for them, and not compromise your own beliefs.

I don’t have kids but I was away from all religion for quite awhile as a young adult (was raised Baptist) and I can say that if someone (i.e., my mom) had been too stridently trying to “win me back” I would have run as fast and as far as I could.


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