what would you do if......


What would you do if all yorulife was a dream an illusion? An illusion you created? That you never left heaven but is right in the arms of God.
What would you do if you found out that all this that you experience here on earth is just a dream?

what would you do if God told you that you were the co-creators of your life and that you had complete control of it?

what would you do if one day you woke up and realized that you have been dreaming all this time and that Gods word is the only thing thats real,nothing else matters.

could you handle it?



For those that make it to heaven, I’m sure that this life will SEEM like a short dream. After all, what is 60, 70, 90 years compared to all of eternity?


Geez!! I need to proof read more!!! LOL!!!


You’re not being very appreciative of bodies and matter in this thought experiment. (But I assume you don’t mean to deny the reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection or the works of the Creator, even though positing a world where everything was a dream.) :slight_smile:

But other than that, I don’t see that your thought experiment changes much. We live and die as God bids us. We are all God’s co-workers. God gives us all free will, and thus we do collaborate with God in working out our lives. Etc.

But I have to admit that I’m not at all fond of the “it was all a dream” plot. It never works well as an ending.


I’m pretty sure that there are no dreams or illusions in the next life. Then we shall see clearly what we now see only dimly.


Thank you for all responses on this topic.

I hope that you have a blessed day!


If my life were just a dream, I would not be here to react or think about it. If I never left Heaven and in the arms of God, I would know that my life is everlasting life and it is not a dream.

I would go take a shower and find out where I have been and how long I had slept. :smiley:

Did one need to be told if he were also a co-creator?

I would ask God what I shall do with His Word.

I might need to have some dream to find out. :slight_smile:


Dream, its when your spirit can finally get a word in!


Dear storm 807,
I hope not to offend you, but I don’t like this combination between faith and fantasy.
Maybe it’s an extrinsic likeness, but this reminds to me some other combinations between faith and loss of common sense that caused serious damages in the history of philosophy, beginning from XIV Century…
Maybe I didn’t understand the sense of your “challenge”…
In any case, believe me, you get my sincere reciprocation of your blessings. :wink:


Not at all offended,thank you!


By drinking lots and lots of coffee!!!


I’ll just take on the thought experiment, as an experiment. (And I must say it is something that I have thought of before as well. But then, what is the definition of dream? I don’t think we have the brain power to grasp what life is all about as long as we are here on earth…)

Anyway, what would I do, how would I take it? Well, somehow it would be really WEIRD, especially if it was like when you wake up in the morning and you realize it was just a dream… it would make this life seem kind of meaningless, maybe?

(And I don’t think it is meaningless!!!)

And, assuming that some of the things that happened in my life, like beautiful memories of my family, would turn out to be whoosh, just a dream… now that would be SAD.

Just now thinking about it, I don’t think that is the way it will feel after we die!


p.s. Just wondering: Was this originally meant to be a little bit of a provocative question?:wink:


I obviously wouldn’t do anything since I would not exist in the realm of earthly action and reaction. oh well


May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you all!

Jesus, God’s Word made flesh, is what matters the most.

These questions sort of remind me of a song entitled “I Could Only Imagine” wherein the person wonders what it would be like to walk by Jesus’ side, whether to stand or fall on his knees in the presence of Jesus, when all he will do is forever worship Him.

Well, now people can stop dreaming or trying to imagine what it would be like to be in the presence of Jesus, Our Good God. All they have to do is to go to the Catholic Church (the only Church founded by Our Good Lord 2,000 years ago) where not only is He present when Scriptures are being proclaimed as the people are gathered together in prayer but also truly and specially present Body, Blood Soul and Divinity in the most Holy Eucharist during Holy Mass. Ahhhh…we don’t have to wait to get to heaven to start adoring/worshiping Him, we can do it now! That’s why we Catholics sometimes stand and kneel during the liturgy because the very God Who has created us, Who has died for us 2,000 years ago is present. Now the awesome part is as a Catholic, you get to eat His very flesh, and drink His very Blood as what He has repeatedly promised in Scriptures (John 6).

People can read tons of books about Jesus and read the Scriptures repeatedly a million times or listen to hours and hours of talk about Him but nothing compares to the intimacy that you get when you actually receive the very own Body and Blood of Jesus, the very God we have dreamed about, desired to know, and love so much.

2,000 years ago when Jesus talked to His disciples about eating His flesh and drinking His blood, some disciples of Jesus couldn’t accept His teaching, they just couldn’t handle it, so they walked away. (John 6:66)

So, now the question is could you handle it? Will you walk away like the other disciples did knowing what you know now? Will you follow the very teaching of Truth Himself?


I choose not to think or live in dream world,but God’s world, the here and now.



It’s such a joy to find people who don’t change attitude when opinions diverge! :dancing:


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