What would you do to try and save one life?


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Methinks that would depend upon the situation involved!



Agreed—it depends upon the circumstances. Are we in an isolated situation, where no one would be affected by my actions apart from me and the person whose life is in jeopardy? Would saving this one life condemn 500 others? Really, I couldn’t respond without specifics.


Perhaps a better background would be needed. One person’s life is on the line and you are the only person able to save them. Now you can save that person but it will be very difficult and you might or most likely will lose your life in the process. Some situation similar to that. Essentially what I am wondering is where do you draw the line in terms of work/sacrifice in order to save a life?


I like to think in most scenarios, I would probably try to save them. At least in the ones my brain can think of… If it were someone drowning, I probably wouldn’t do much aside from get help, seeing as I’m not a very good swimmer on my own, much less with another person. If it were a car accident though, I’d risk quite a bit to help them, because in that scenario I feel like my help would be more effective. In the swimming case, me swimming out to save them would probably just get both of us killed, though, so I’d spend more energy finding someone better able to help or something.

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