What would you do?


What would you do if, like Saint Paul, the Lord knocked you off your high horse, literally and figuratively?


you mean to ask "What did I do?"
turned my life around literally on that day and became a new person


I would become very humble and worship Him. The Lord knocks us down when we get too “puffed up”.


the only thing we can do then is humble ourselves :slight_smile:


I would say thank you Lord for letting me know You are still there. Or I would ask what else is there that You would have me do to serve you better ? Or forgive me Lord, but what have I done wrong now ?


Be transformed. From the ground to a high horse, though.
I was granted the beatific vision, and received immediate knowledge of God.



If that was true, you would be dead. You had a vision but not the vision of God which we shall enjoy in Heaven.


do whatever He told me to do hopefully
knowing my sinful nature…tho


Yes, I had died and saw the face of God in heaven. I’m sorry that my statement is so uncommon and I appreciate the incredulity of others. Even so, it is the truth; not that anyone needs to believe it, of course, neither by me nor by the Church.


That is not theologically possible. If you died and went to Heaven, you would not be back here, because there is no leaving Heaven. So you either saw a vision and not the Beatific Vision or you mistook a vision for a psychological effect.


What is impossible in the minds of theologians (or more precisely: in the minds of those who try to understand the minds of theologians) is possible for God, no? God can do whatsoever He pleases. As I said earlier, no one is obligated to believe what happened to me.

Certainly St. Paul wrote that it is apportioned for a man to die once, but then there was Lazarus, and the son of the widow from Nain, and the daughter of Jairus. Was St. Paul wrong? Or the Gospel writers? Well, really none were wrong, as Paul wrote in general terms, for the vast majority of us.

Yes, I am blessed, but I rejoice in you being more blessed, because you believe and haven’t seen.

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