What Would You Do?

I posted a while ago about a guy who threatened to rape me. He wanted to be in a relationship with me, and I didn’t want that, so he said “if I rape you, and you conceive, you will have to be with me because I know you wouldn’t abort the child.”

He lives out of the country, so I knew there wasn’t anything I could really do. I have since cut ties with him and have not spoken to him since October.

Okay so yesterday night, I was out with my father. He stopped at a gas station, parked the car, and went into the store. While I was waiting, I noticed a guy staring at me. He wouldn’t stop…and as I looked at his face, I realized (about 95% sure!) it was the same guy! Same facial hair, same teeth, same body type…if it’s not him, then he has a twin!

He will be visiting the States for the March for Life, so he should be here by now. I am just worried that he will start following me, idk. He is the stalker, obsessive type. I wouldn’t put this past him.

What would you do about this? And if you do not have any advice, would you please pray for me? Thanks much. God bless

Contact the police. Bring all the information you have, including the emails and any correspondence. Tell them exactly where you saw him and that you think he might be in the country.

Scary! :eek: I do recall your earlier thread.

I think PhiloMed is correct. It won’t hurt to file a report. They would probably have practical wisdom for you at the very least.

Definitely be extra careful about where you go, especially by yourself. No long walks alone through the park at night. :o

I agree with the above two posters. I would also add that you should carry on you, at all times, some kind of stun weapon: a stun gun, taser, or other electrical zapper. Keep it always in your purse or on your person in some way. If necessary, use a holster.

Put no limit on your defensive endeavors.

Call the police and make sure you are always with someone with you during the march for life. Have a baby won’t bind you to him. As a guy I can’t understand why he would do such a thing either he can’t control his lust or he is mentally ill.

One of my high school teachers had a neat key chain. On the surface, it looked like a cute metal frame outline of a cat’s head. But stick your middle and index finger through the “eyes”, and suddenly the pointy ears were a makeshift set of brass knuckles!

To this day, if I am walking through a sketchy part of town, I walk with my keys in my fist and a different key poking out between each knuckle. Just in case… :o

I am praying for your safety, security, and peace of mind.

I was going to say pepperspray, but you need to be careful of things like wind!

I heard of someone who was practicing with it in a parking lot, had a wind come by, got it back in her own face!

However, generally speaking pepperspray would be good, might be good to duck, though, just in case!

This is police matter!!!

Exactly. Praying for you.

Look into filing a police report and getting a restraining order.


Yes, get the police involved.

Praying for you!

What this poster said. Also, don’t ever be alone while the March For Life goes on. Always walk and travel with a friend or friends (Preferably guys). Most women are taken because they were by themselves and defenseless, or were with other girls, and they couldn’t overpower the man. I remember one time when my sister was at college, she was walking at the lake, and suddenly this really creepy guy started walking with her and talking to her, and was acting very shady. She casually called her friend, Jeff, and he got the idea that she was in trouble, so he drove himself and a van full of guys down there to protect her.

My daughter has one of those too! People tell her it is so cute until she shows them what it really is for!

Lovesdance, I have to agree with everyone that says do not be alone. As long as he is here for the march, be very aware of who is around you.

I will say a prayer to St. Michael for your protection.

You have already received good advice. Inform your father of the threat. Tell the police you want it on record just in case something happens. Never go out alone until he leaves country again. Any aerosol will work; hair spray, room deodorizer, etc. He gets so close that you are danger grab between legs and squeeze and twist, too often they get to close for a kick.

Will pray for you. St. Michael is great protection.

When you talk with the police, ask them about the legalities of defense items, like some of the aforementioned here in this thread. You don’t want to go to jail for simply defending yourself. Call a local shelter for women and ask them for advice–I imagine they would be well-versed in dealing with stalkers.

Change your routine regularly…try to avoid the same entrance, exit, time, bus schedule, place to park car, etc. Be unpredictable. This is good safety for women anyway. If you encounter a situation that calls for helping others, like an accident or a person needing care, make sure you are not alone. Have a cellphone, keep it on speed dial for 911. (I know… a cellphone in one hand and pepper spray in the other?) Tell those in your immediate circle and give them a photo or profile of this guy. Same with a regular store owner, etc. Make it hard for him to get info on you. Have a direct line to a police or official who knows your story.

And after all of this, try not to feel isolated by this. The guy probably is doing this, or has done this, to other women. Whatever positive action you take will help you and most likely other women and men.

The others have covered the basics, but I wanted to emphasize the part of the post above me about the probability that he has done this or will do this to other women. This is very true and any evidence that this man has behaved or threatened to behave in a criminal manner is essential to getting a conviction should he actually harm you or another woman. Yes, definitely make a police report for your protection and that of other women he may come into contact with.

In my state, brass knuckles are not legal. I wonder how that cat key chain would be viewed. Technically, it isn’t brass knuckles as traditionally defined. I may call and ask the local police. If the key chain would be legal or towing the legal-illegal line I may buy one for me and each of my daughters.

Do whatever is necessary to protect yourself. For civil purposes, I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. For religious purposes, I’m sure God would understand.

Please follow the advice given by the earlier posters, but don’t forget to tell your father. Your family will also help to protect you.

Wasp spray has a longer range; and I have read it is more effective than pepper spray. Close range a solid kick in the junk (or knee), will give you a chance to run. Like others have said there is safety in numbers. Tell your dad, and the police.

Is there any way that your local police force could/would contact the police force in the country he lives in .? If they will do that then they could forward copies of the emails etc…im betting he will think twice about ever coming near you if the police show up and his parents and family find out what hes has been saying to you…

Plus it will set your mind at rest as if the police speak to him in his country then you know that he isnt in the usa and you will feel much safer

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