What would you do?

Hi all,
I was introduced to a thought today I like to share with you to see what your reply will be.

If you, (anyone who responds), and I just happen to meet at a remote location and strike a conversation.
From our conversation, you find out that I am not a Catholic.
Then all of sudden I am stricken with a heart attack and drop to the ground and have only 2 more minutes to live?
CPR and/or emergency help will not save me.

What would you do if anything?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Baptize you and pray for you.

The fact is you wouldn’t know about the “2 more minutes to live” bit so the hypothetical is a bit of a stretch.

I would ask if you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If you answered yes – either by word or in your heart, you’d instantaneously be baptized by desire. There would be nothing to be gained by a water baptism in such a case.

If you were unconscious and I knew you were not a baptized Christian (Catholic or not) but I knew that you were open to the Christian faith (based on whatever words made me realize you were not a Catholic Christian) I would baptize you with water.

Either way I could pray for you and do my best to comfort you as your soul passed into eternity.

Nice post, Draper! Couldn’t agree more.

pjwitm, while many will be glad to respond, any reason why you chose to post this in the Eastern Catholic sub-forum? Are you seeking a particular view on this subject?

Well first off the fact your not Catholic isn’t even a factor you could be of another religion or atheist I would still help you.
It would also be hypocritical for me to not help you considering my wife and her family are Nazarene which are an off shoot of Methodist and Pentecostal.

If I was say in a market place I would call 911 and ask some one to grab a Bayer or some type of aspirin and pray for you.

Chances are you only have two minutes that aspirin isn’t going to get to you and neither is EMS.

I guess I’m in the minority. I assume if we were close enough that I knew you weren’t a Catholic that I would have some idea of what you might want in an event like this and I would honor those wishes. I would not presume to baptize you unless I felt you would welcome that. Being as you list yourself as Pentecostal Christian, you might well be already baptized. Perhaps under those circumstances I would offer to pray with you or for you. One thing I probably would do is begin silently saying the Divine Mercy chaplet, as our Lord assures us that if it’s said for a dying person he will personally intervene for that person at their death.

Pray for you. Give you conditional baptism if I was not sure if you were baptized before.

Good question, for one your religion would be completely irrelevant to me what so ever.

I would immediately call 911 and do my best to perform cpr. I am not physic so how am I expected to know that you have 2 minutes to live and could have no way knowing that my cpr will not work. I would however, be praying to God that it will.

I don’t baptize people and I guarantee that would be the very last thing on my mind. Faith in God tells me not to worry, He will meet you at the door because Jesus loves you no matter what.

Oops my bad…
My intent was to post in Non Catholic sub forum.
I was not watching what I actually tapped on on my mobile phone.
As for seeking a particular view…
I am interested in all views.
As you see from the replies,
People may react differently when confronted with someone about to enter eternity…

I will repost in correct sub forum since I am non catholic

Hi all,
I apologize to anyone who saw my post in Eastern Catholic forum…
My original intent was to post here

I recently was introduced to a thought I like to share with you to see what your reply will be.

If you, (anyone who responds), and a stranger just happen to meet at a remote location and strike a conversation and
from your conversation with him you find out that he is not Catholic.
Then all of sudden he is stricken with a heart attack and drops to the ground and has only 2 more minutes to live?
If you do not know CPR, your cellphone is dead and there is no one in area to call for help,

What do you believe you would do?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Tell him the gospel.

Simple. Start praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. :slight_smile:

(Although in reality, I wouldn’t give up trying to save someone’s life even if it looked hopeless like in your scenario, then afterwards I would pray the Chaplet for them or while others were trying to help them).

God Bless


Tell him Jesus died for his sins and say an abbreviated act of contrition quickly and ask if he agrees and is sorry for his sins.


If he was lucid, I would ask if he has been baptized, and baptize if not. And pray with him.

I would hope that I would pray with and for him, that he accepts the forgiveness and conversion through Jesus.

I know CPR.

How is it that someone knows you only have 2 minutes to live?

Do I know if you have already been been born again (i.e. validly baptized) as well?

If you have, have you blasphemed against the Holy Spirit?


Which interpretation? Yours? or someone else’s?

Hmm… odd question.

When you say that he’s “not Catholic”, are you really trying to say that he’s not baptized?

If so, then are you trying to ask whether a Catholic should baptize someone in an emergency?

From your description, it would seem to me that you have no idea whether the person you’re talking to actually desires baptism. Without that knowledge of intent to be baptized, one is not to baptize an adult.

Is this what you’re trying to ask – whether a Catholic should baptize against a person’s will (or in the absence of knowledge of the desire to be baptized)? If so, then the answer is ‘no’.

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