what would you do


Would it be wrong to accept assistance from your chruch to send your kids to catholic school, when your financially doing ok but not making enough to send them to the school. We have 8 children and 4 of them would be going to school there the other 2 to public school since they don’t offer middle or high school yet.
The principal has been pressuring us to send them and said they have funds to help send them.


IMHO, I would not feel bad accepting this assistance. Every little bit can help. Your children’s education is so important and I am sure from reading your post that Catholic education is a sacrifice that you are willing to make. Praise God. I say accept the assistance and do you best to let them know that they made a good “investment” in your family. Volunteer at the school and the church. Have a lot of “face time” there.

Congrats on 8 kids, what a blessing!!


If you would like your children to attend this school because you love it, but you don’t because you can’t afford it, I would say that the school being able to help you achieve that goal is Divine Intervention. :smiley: I think I would definitely send my kids to a good Catholic school.


Why is the principal pressuring you? —KCT


If it would be a choice you would make for them if you could afford it, then I would see no problem with accepting the assistance.


Don’t know every time we see her she keeps asking us to set up a tour and that they have tuition assistance available. We’re the biggest family in the church maybe it would set a good example. Probably should ask her.


There is nothing wrong with your children receiving a scholarship to attend the school.

However, you should only send them there on scholarship if you believe it is the best place for your children’s education.


I agree with the others. There is nothing wrong with accepting assistance you are offered for something you could not otherwise afford. Especially something like Catholic schooling - I think this could almost be seen as a “nudging from above”! :wink:


**If you honestly can’t afford it otherwise, then by all means take the assistance. That’s what it’s there for!:thumbsup: **


I sent my 3 on tuition assistance when I was a single mom… it was the only way I could afford it and our public school hit top 10 worst schools in the state list. I was very grateful for the opportunity. Now DD is in hs ($6000 a year) and ds is in public school but I am taking him out to home school him($500/semester)… actually online school more than home school. I think the tuition for the grade school was $2700 each for 3 kids…wow I am paying just about the same…wonder if I can get help on tuition this year??? If I don’t get a raise I am going to have to either home school her or apply for tuition assistance.


If you desire this Catholic education for your children and this gift of assistance will allow you to send them to Catholic school, why would you NOT send them? I guess I’m missing something…:confused: :confused:

Just from what you wrote, it seems to me like this is God’s providence for your family and possibly an answer to prayer…! Why would you NOT take advantage of this gracious gift?


Tuition assistance is a gift from God, not the church. If you need the help and it is being offered, it would be wrong to say no if this is indeed a good Catholic school. What are you waiting for? Get those kiddos registered!:wink:


Agree with others - if you feel it is the best place for your children’s education - I would have no problem accepting tuition assistance for a larger family.

You can help out in so many other ways with a family that size. Just think of all the hands that can help with dinners, games, and other church events.

You are very blessed and this may be a way to be even more blessed by giving the kids a good solid educational and spiritual foundation in an academic setting. Good luck.


Whatever could be wrong about accepting a scholarship? It’s not a luxury for yourself, it’s your kids’ education. You can’t decline it in their name, only your kids can! :slight_smile:


I know this is a silly question, but why wouldn’t you?


If the school meets your criteria for education of your children, shoot, get busy and fill out the paperwork!

Our school offers rates by the number of kids in the school, and also offers tuition assistance. TAKE IT!! Sometimes it sits there because people are too proud to accept it.


Our Parish school offer assistance to anybody who would like to send their kids but can’t afford to send them without some help, there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion, Catholic schools should NOT be only for the rich, I send my kids to our parish school and we get assistance, you fill out a form and list what you make and all your debts and living costs and they are able to help you send your kids for half the price, many, many people in our parish donate money to the school and leave the school in their will just for this purpose, so families who want to send their kids but just can’t afford it can also send their kids, we are very blessed for this and we show this my helping out at school as much as we can and happily do the fundraising that is required in a Catholic school… (mardi gras party, selling calendars, pancake breakfast after Mass, saving box tops for education etc.)


You bet it would set a Great example!!:smiley: If you are interested then go for it!


I agree about setting a GREAT example. We need the large families to stand up and be an example for others!

Go for it :thumbsup:


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