What would you do?

During yesterday’s homily, I was intrigued by a question that the priest presented to the congregation. What would you say or ask Jesus , if you suddenly found yourself in his persence? My first thought was; Jesus have mercy on me a sinner. My 11-year old son looked at me and told me that he would ask, “will I go to heaven?” and my husband told me that he would say, “I love you!”. I thought it was interesting the three different responses that we came up without putting any real thought into it. I was wondering what you all would come up with. Peace and blessings to all, Cindy

I would kneel down before Jesus and say how sorry I am for my sins and have mercy on me.

I would probably start crying, with joy, at being with Him… I may not say anything at all, just reach out for Him… and “die” in his arms…

I think I’d probably be speechless.

What do you say during Mass and during adoration. I usually ask for pardon of venial sins, intentions for the Mass, Lord I’m not worthy to receive you…, Amen, thanksgiving. At adoration it is usually for special intentions and to listen. Tim

I would cry and tell him how sorry I was he had to suffer so much then and now for all of our sins. And to have mercy on all of us .

Finding ourselves standing before Jesus is a certainty! And it will be our Judgment! We should all think carefully about our answers.

The question we must all ask ourselves, every day is, “Will I remain in His presence or will he cast me aside forever?”

I would hope I would be able to tell Him how much I love Him and how sorry I am for my sins but in reality, I am more likely to giggle and act goofy before feeling totally inadequate, useless and a bit of a failure. Then I’d go red and cry. :o
I would be so scared though:(

Oh my Jesus, forgive me my sins, save me from the fires of hell, and lead my soul to heaven, as I am in desperate need of your mercy".:crying:

We are in Jesus’ presence whenever we enter a Catholic Church. Jesus is physically present in the tabernacle.

During Mass, Jesus becomes physically present on the altar at the Consecration.

And when we receive Holy Communion, Jesus is physically closer to us than any other human being.

So, whenever I find myself in Jesus’s presence, I tell Him what’s on my mind.

I had to think about this one. If I suddenly found myself before Jesus Christ.

He knows how sorry I am and how I hate my sinnful nature. I would ask him to take that seed from me so I would never want to sin again. Even if it meant I had to leave earth now I would beg him to do it.

Probably ‘Lord, I am not worthy … but only say the word and my soul shall be healed’ :crossrc:

If I can physically see Jesus in front of me in the form of a person,
I will prostrate, weep, and tell Him, "Lord, I love you so much!"
Then I’ll repent, ask for forgiveness. And I’ll get up and ask for a hug.
I will enjoy His embrace. :slight_smile:

“My Lord and my God” would probably be all that I could say, as I fall to my knees. He would know everything in my heart, there would be no need for any other words.

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