What would you have done in this situaiton?


I was trading in some Playstaiton 2 games the other day and some did not have the french book it came with and some did. I didnt say anything about the one’s that didnt or did. Was i wrong for not telling them about the ones that do not have french books? i didnt ask about it. I also dont know if i got more for the ones with the french books or the ones without the french books. Should i go back and talk about this or just not worry about it?
Also i didnt get a chance to test the games out to see if they work. Should i stop worrying about it? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


i think you should…fair trade right…


Edit - i now realize what your telling me to do.


If you was trading them in with the fact that the games came with the book, then it would be wrong. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re trading the games in at a place like a video game store or pawnshop, then it would be their responsibility to check before the transaction is complete. Its not like it is hard to open up a game box and see if the book is in there.


O i did not say anything about the books being there or not being there.


I wouldn’t worry then.


I work for a company that does game trades all across the world. Legally we have to be very careful about them, in order to ensure we don’t recieve something stolen.

I’m one of the most strict at my store, and it is our responsibility to check the games for scratches and deny or accept trades because of it. Whether or not the books come with the games isn’t something we even check for; pre-played games come as is, with or without books (though we’ll exchange them if they don’t work).

In short, by trading your game with a company, all you are saying is that you didn’t steal these games, you have the right to give them up, and you’d like to trade them to the store. It is the store’s repsonsibility to check the quality of the games and whether or not all accompanying equipment (books, etc) are with the game if that’s their policy.

You did nothing wrong.


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